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Cats Eye [Raffle Prize] by Beea-chan Cats Eye [Raffle Prize] :iconbeea-chan:Beea-chan 37 11 IZ Royalty headcanon Zim and his parents ref by Glitched-Irken IZ Royalty headcanon Zim and his parents ref :iconglitched-irken:Glitched-Irken 80 55
happy birfday
XoxInvaderLizxoX happy bday!!! i remember when we first met irl back at school in 2016 <3 we talked about steven universe and used to show each other our drawings and youre so sweet and fun to talk to!!! legit i have so much hope for this world during our text convos cuz a lot of people i know are really negative or dramatic and are always venting to me about how much they hate life and stuff but youre one of the most positive people i know, just living life and doing your own thing!!!! yo keep slaying
:iconfloral--lace:Floral--Lace 1 1
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Tagged by :iconrainalea6:

-Post the rules
-Answer the questions like how your character would answer them (optional)
-Tag around five people
with one of their characters.
-(you don't have to tag a character if you don't want to)
-Tag backs are allowed

OC chosen: Liz (Irken)

1.) What's your name?
"It's yo boi Liz! Well not boi because I'm female question please. God... f'd it up already...wait is the camera still on? What the hell? Move on, next question!"

2.) What's your gender? (male/female/other)
" Despite my f up earlier, I'm female."

3.) What are your hobbies?
"Drawing and writing mostly. And trying my best to keep Zim in line. He can't go one day without making an evil scheme."

4.) Straight, Gay, Etc?

"Straight as an arrow bro."

5.) Any crushes/lovers?

"I'm in a long term relationship with Solider Mat. He's just the greatest."

6.) Your favorite place in the whole world?
"The arcade! I must add more plushies to the plush pile!"

7.) Favorite food?
"Gummy bears are my absolute favorite and most other junk foods."

8.) Anything that gets on your nerves? (vent if ye want)

"I hate fake friends, people who crack their knuckles, and people who bully others."

9.) Anyone, you hate?
"I really hate Ness, she's the reason I have my scars."

Liz's Origin (an Invader Zim fanfic): part 1 (Read about it here)

10.) What do your parents think of your life choices? 
"Irkens don't have parents. Sooooo..."

11.) Are you pleased with your life choices?
"Yes, coming to earth was the best decision of my life."

12.) Any siblings?
"I have an adopted sister, her name is Oli, since parents don't exist in Irken society."

13.) Do you have a job?
"Nope I don't have one."

14.) Where were you born?
"On Irk. Where all Irkens are created."

15.) Would you make peace with an enemy?
"I really only have Ness as an enemy, it would be hard but I would try."

16.) Where is my sock?
" I took it and sent it into a void, bye-bye sock."

17.) Can you take a joke?
" Yes of course. Irkens have humor you know."

18.) Favorite clothes?
"If I was going to where anything other than my uniform, hoodies."

19.) Ya like jazz?

20.) Are you glad this is over?
" Yes leave immediately human! Leave my presence! Jeez, I've been hanging out with Zim too much... I mean I live at  his base but thats besides the point. I had a nice time, buh-bye!"


:iconlunareclipse89: :icongalacticfondue: :iconjacinthejello: :iconcerpcake: :iconrednocturne: 

And anyone else who wants to do this.

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My name is Liz. I really freaking love Invader Zim and cartoons in general. (hence my name) I also am a casual gamer and an avid reader. And I love to create art and share it with people. (I mostly draw ocs and fanart.) I love chatting with people on the site so don't be hesitant to talk to me. I also do role-play occasionally with my oc's. So if you want to roleplay with me go right ahead. I also love getting feedback from anyone. I just want to improve ;3; Anyway I hope you enjoy your stay in my little corner of DeviantArt! Invader Liz signing off~


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