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This is a very very very late birthday present for :iconelena162:


It took a while. ; u; Specially since I was doing something else, but then I saw this meme and thought, Why not?

Hope you like it, Professor. o uo

There's Jin and Eishi, who I'm always calling 'Eiri', from her comic. And then there's Emery and Venier, from Little Merman. Venier is more or less hers. o uo

Meme by :icondyvil: : [link]
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*hyperventalating* OH MY GOD THIS IS SOOOOO CUTE AND STUFF STUFF!!!! *dies*
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AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! those both guys?
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Even after all this time, I cannot stop looking at this~ <33333
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Ha, I recognized Emery! X)
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Great artwork!
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awww! buen dibujo karen! sobre todo el 4!!!!! 8)! hehehehehhe!!!
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It's here o Ao The one who drew and made the webcomics "Pure Love" in SmackJeeves, desu! >A<

FFFFFFFFFFFFF. I'm a Shotacon, Sorry xDD

And i love it e ue~
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Yag, Elena made those webcomics. xD She taught me (or very kindly tried to) how to draw shota. o uo
akatsukiyaoiforever's avatar
I love her for drawing shotas o 0o

And it seems you've learn from her a lot xDD
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I'm glad you like my shotas~ ;u; <333
akatsukiyaoiforever's avatar
WAAAAH~ e ue Who wouldn't? D : I shall kill them if they don't love you >:\ *readies knife* e ue ok jk xDD

I've read yer webcomic, AND IT'S AWESOME e ue <3 Your gallery is full of amazing drawings as well *showersloveonyou* Lolsorry, I can be hyper sometimes. = u=';;
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LOL oh mai ;w;

And ty~ ;3; <333333 *showersloveback*
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lol I just started reading Little Merman yesterday so I was kinda surprised to see it here. XD
Well I sis find that website through your comic. :D
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this is super cute^^ I should do this meme soon! your style is adorable :meow:
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It's all so cute~! :iconiloveitplz: This made my day.
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GAAAAAAAAAAAAH <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 ILY SO HARD NOWWWW :heart::heart::heart:
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Duh, olvida mi ultimo comentario... -__-U ya vi la direccion en el titulo....

Gracias mil!!
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Ooorale!! genial!! donde puedo conseguir el meme en blanco??
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Ahhh, se me había olvidado. D: ¡Aún asó pondré el link en la descripción en un momento!
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