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Drabbles - The Silent Turnabout
Title: The Silent Turnabout
Crossover: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! x Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Status: Drabble. Feedback appreciated.
Two important points before we start: Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright's original title) was set in Japan, and the names, locations, and many character quirks were localized to fit English-speaking audiences. We're used to saying Phoenix Wright and not Naruhodo Ryuichi, and the rest of the original names and quirks are more fan-trivia than common knowledge.
In KHR, purely set in Japan, characters have very characteristic ways of calling each other (Example: Tenth, Tsuna, Tsuna-kun, Tsuna-sama, Vongola, etc.). So you have that vs. the Phoenix Wright American names (Example: Phoenix Wright, Nick, Feenie, Mr. Wrong, Whippersnapper, etc.).
For this fic, the setting is Japan. So what we're going to do is compromise: we'll keep the canon nicknames and quirks as known by English-speaking audiences, since they are so characte
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Webcomic Hoster - Yaoi Tales… - For all my attempts at writing fanfics. - For all my fanfic drabbles and stories up for adoption.
Hey there, watchers. Specifically, watchers who have read my webcomic, "The Little Merman", over at SmackJeeves, and which has been on a long hiatus (and I mean  LONG: a year or two, I think). I have a couple news from you, and not of the "I officially abandon this project" kind.

I'm very aware that there are many people over at SmackJeeves who feel entitled to their free entertainment and write disappointed comments on my comic. I understand what it is to love something you get for free and being disappointed when you don't get to have it anymore, so I haven't really said anything about it so far. However, I've been told recently that some users take a step above and make grand statements in my name, such as:
Which is honestly very rude, but I guess I deserve it. The latest hiatus has lasted too long, so I understand people lost faith and gave up on it.

But here I am to tell you: I haven't "permanently discontinued" anything. I have been working on and off on sketching the rest of the comic, and I haven't uploaded anything simply because I don't want to leave you guys hanging again. Next time I update that thing, it'll be because I'll have it finished.

I just need you to understand where I'm standing: this comic is free, and despite it's amateur quality, it's not easy and fast to make the pages. I can't just sit and draw a page within an hour, and I also can't sacrifice all my scarce free time for it, when that time is better spent unwinding from college or having social interaction. I understand the readers spend time clicking through the pages and reading them, I understand many of you are emotionally invested in my characters, and I understand the need for closure.

So I ask you to understand that the comic is my baby: I'm as invested in it as you are, plus I likely have spent three times as much time as any of you in doing the pages that are up so far, plus the ones you haven't yet seen. There's also no one who feels guiltier when people post sad comments about how they wanted to see it finished, or where is the next page.

Most important of all, I don't think there's anyone who feels happier than me when I read some of you guys' comments encouraging me, telling me how much they liked the comic even if it's unfinished, enjoying my artistic growth (small as it is) along with me, telling me that you'll be happy if I decide to continue it someday, but that I'm right by focusing on my studies: I'm finishing it for you, guys. Because every time I get a note or a comment that appreciates the effort, my heart swells, so you see, you guys might be emotionally invested in my comic, but I'm emotionally invested in you. And you're the only ones who keep me going back to the comic, rather than just giving up on it because it would be the easy way out, like a handful of users accuses me of doing.

In short: I'm not giving up, guys. It might take another extra year, maybe a little more, but it's going to get finished. I'm just going to wait until it's complete, to avoid another hiatus.


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Happy Birthday!! :cake:
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you're... dead, aren't you?
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are you active anywhere else? ; 7; i used to commission you like... every week LOL 
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hey! i don't know if you still come on here but i must ask if you are going to post more pages soon?... are you working on it?
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Happy  Birthday! ! ! !

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izumi20 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Recently I started reading your story "The Little Merman", and I just wanted to say that I'm loving it! Even though it's progressing like the original (I was expecting a twisted turn or something) it's still very sweet! And there were moments that I had to fangirl for how cute Ariel and Eric were together <3. I'm looking forward to the story, so I'll be part of your fans that are waiting for continuation <3.
Swaggie-Shinie-Star Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I do know you're not making anymore yaoi comics for Harvest Moon, but I'd DIE if I saw Luke x Toby, because it's my OTP! I made a name for the ship as well, it's axefish (because Luke uses an axe, and Toby likes fishing) well, anyway... YOUR ART IS REALLY COOL! 
xAnnyPics Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016
Hello!! I don't know if you're still active on dA or Smackjeeves, but I wanted to ask you if I can translate your "Yaoi Tales: The Little Merman" to spanish and publish it in my facebook page! I will, of course, give you credits! It's okay if you say "no", though. It's your artwork and story after all!! Have a nice day~
LazyArt3 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
is she still active on DA?
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