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Zapdos v.2

My artwork for Zapdos, the second version (normal and shiny colorations). My favorite of the Legendary Birds, it was hard for me to come up with a pose that I liked. I'm pleased with how this turned out, however.

If you wish to use this artwork, all I ask is that you credit me for it - no need to get my permission to use it. Thanks.
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© 2012 - 2021 Xous54
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 awesome! btw, did you ever notice that Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres' last few letters are uno, dos ,tres? pretty weird but also really cool!
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Wow, Nintendo. you guys were so creative making that shiny Zapdos!
sorry. couldn't resist. awesome picture, by the way.
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Zapdos is up there in my favorite Bird Pokemon.
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Zapdos is sooooo cool! This reminds me of my old PKMN team in game~
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Zapdos was my Legendary Bird Guardian, which I become a Guardian Trainer. All time favorite Legendary bird...! Prepare for super Thunder Power!! :D
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My second favourite legendary bird of the trio. Sorry but I love Articuno better.
Btw amazing pose and colouring,Sugim-er-Xous.
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On question. When will Moltres come?
Cant wait for Moltres :D
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Very cool! Nice job on the pose :D
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Next one is Moltress! :D
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Does this mean new Charizard drawing soon?
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I don't plan on it. The only reason I went back and started drawing the Legendary Birds again is because I've been meaning to make Moltres art for quite some time, and my old artwork for the other two looked pretty bad and needed updated versions.
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oh. well okay, i can wait.
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Zapdos ois my fav as well ^^ It's nice to see there are people who don't go for Articuno or Moltres :D
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Very good work, man.
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Out of curiosity, what do you think of the design change between two- and three-toed Zapdos? I know, it hasn't had two toes since Stadium 2 at the latest, but... I always thought that was cooler =P
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I like both equally. The number of toes it has doesn't really matter much to me, as long as it's not something ridiculous. xD
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Out of all the legendary birds, this was the only one I could never catch as a child.
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