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Zangoose: Normal Coloration

By Xous54
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My artwork for the normal coloration of Zangoose. Zangoose is one of my favorite non-legendaries. I'm pleased with how this turned out.

Please don't use any of my artwork, including this piece, without my permission. Thank you.

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© 2009 - 2021 Xous54
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Hey can I use to make a fake pokémon card?
I'll give you credit when i put this on my deviantart!
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Wow. Beautiful render. Any chance I could use it on my Tumblr sidebar? I'll include a direct link for credit. If not, that's okay, too~ :+favlove:
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He says that you can use it as long as you give credit.

Proof: xous54.deviantart.com/art/Ches…
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Zangoose is freaking awesome! :D
You actually made them look a bit more skinnier than they usual are xD
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Permission to use this as an avatar?
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excellent work!
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Hey I used it without looking at this first(I found it on Google images).Sorry. [link]
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I think Zangoose is one of the coolest looking Pokemon in all of Hoenn! I love the attitude, the spiky ears, the fluffy tail... It's just so cool!
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May I use This? Zangoose is one of my Favorite Pokemon and I'd like to make a picture that includes him with one of my OCs.
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Could I maybe, do a pixel art, based of of this? So, not exactly the same, just similar. This is so inspiring, and I simply love this Pokemon, it's my favorite one. Thank you!

I could even credit you if you'd like me to. .
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some prick stole your work [link]
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Ahhh. Looks so official. Very nice.
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Zangoose: Ready to get sliced to ribbons?
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If Zangoose could talk, I'd expect him to say that!
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My fave all the normal types!
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Excellent work! :)
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is it ok if i do lineart of this ill credit you like last time?
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Sure, that's fine.
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This is good. Zangoose is a favourite of mine.
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My favorite Gen 3 Pokemon. ^_^
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*Zangoose is my spirit pokémon*

I love it, Xous. Keep up the good work! ^^
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I <333333333333 this!

Best Zangoose ever drawn.
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