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My artwork for Xerneas. I'm not completely pleased with how it turned out, but that's to be expected since I haven't had much time to practice drawing it with all of my other projects taking priority. A second version is definitely something I'm going to make in the future.

Anyway, when coloring this guy in Sugimori's new stylistic touches for the sixth Generation became immediately apparent. The color choices, some of the ways parts were colored... Xerneas's Sugimori art introduced many, many new ways Sugimori colors his work. If I didn't know any better I'd say it wasn't colored in by Sugimori. It'll be interesting to see how these new touches are applied to future pieces of sixth Generation art.

If you wish to use this artwork, all I ask is that you credit me for it - no permission is needed. Thanks.

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Used your work, and another in a video of mine~ Looking forward to more!
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It looks like Ken sugimori art work I think it's amazing you should be pleased
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Nice Work! I love Xerneas. It's got to be my favorite legendary. +fav 
Hey! This fanart is really really cool and I would love to print it & use to decrate my school notbook ( non-profit_ would you be cool with that ?
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it's really good. Don't worry about it
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Someone ought to name their Xerneas "Skittles."
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can you draw one without color?(lineart)
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getting over huge break up
this is keeping me from bawling my eyes out
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I see some green in there.
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talk about tasting the rainbow..
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Definitely getting X. :3
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It's possible that Xerneas is a legendary Fairy type
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uwu it is it was confirmed.
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It is!

The life Pokemon!
You made it look powerful and majestic in the pose, nice work!
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I'm getting pokemon x version. I just hope to see the differences pokemon between pokemon x and pokemon y.
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My new headcanon:
The pokemon on Pokemon Z will be a serpent.
The three will be constantly fighting.

Reasons why?
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You see?You were right.We have Zygarde
LuminaBalderson's avatar
And Zygarde is utterly badass.
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they will probably not be a Z.
the Japanese 3D axis is only X and Y
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