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Edit: Changed the jaw, nostrils, and part of the eyes to match what is seen in clearer images of Volcanion. Parts may still be incorrect.


My artwork for Volcanion, a supposed Fire/Water-Type Mythical Pokémon in X and Y. Following some leaked information not too long ago (their names and possible Type combinations), images of the Mythical Pokémon (often called "Event Legendaries") of X and Y were leaked by a user named Smealum. Whether the images are true or not isn't 100% confirmed but it's highly likely given the circumstances.


Here I went with a very basic head-on pose because I didn't want to just re-draw the pose from the leaked image. Since we don't have many references for it a lot of its design is still a mystery and left up to speculation - this pose made it so that I was able to draw only details I could definitely (or 99%) make out. Even so, there are still things I'm not 100% sure about.


Enjoy. I plan on drawing the other two Mythical Pokémon (Diancie and Hoopa) over the next couple days.

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THE BIG MAN HIMSELF! Biggie Steams! No, seriously, I love these drawings, and they bring back so many fond memories of me standing in Santalune Forest completely still for an hour because my friend tricked me into thinking that's how I trigger a battle with it, and struggling around the Kalos Badlands trying to find another key to the powerplants. Also, can we talk about how this man cleared mountain ranges with some water vapor?!

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I cannot look at this Pokemon without thinking "IT'S EGGMAN!" because in Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, Volcanion is voiced by Mike Pollock. It drove me nuts that the Wiki wouldn't say it until it finally got updated.
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I just love how this Pokémon has NOT been released yet and it's been MONTHS. :pissedoff:
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Really weird to see the official pokémon sun and moon website link to this .-.
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I am not sure how I feel about this thing
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I'm sure it will be announced by then.
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Im getting abit less into the design of pokemon the more gets released, for example, take for example Druddigon which appearence reminds me more of a combination of Lego and Nettles. But This one, the only problem i have is it's "Ring"(i know what they are). It's head is protruding from the sides yes but it's pulling it off pretty well considering it's based Shisa which is variation of a 'guardian lion' according to the wiki, also it's feet makes it seem like it's very stable on the ground and a powerful obstacle packing great power. 

This is very impressivly drawn and looks precisely like the pokemon, you've got talent from being able to draw this pokemon from different sides if it wasnt looking ahead like this in the leaked image ^^
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When you look at it head-on like this picture shows, it has symmetry.
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Death the Kid from Soul Eater would love this pokemon, considering his obsession with symmetry!
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Is this real? or is it simply a joke pokemon? It seems legit enough on Bulbapedia. This is the only source of the pokemon's image i have to go on.
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Reminds me of a shisa dog.
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Very good work, very close to original artwork :)
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Going by the leak, I can tell you now that Volcanion has been drawn to detail perfectly. I actually thought it was one of Ken Sugimori's artwork. 
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Same. I thought OMG ! Stealer ! But no.
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Xous54's illustrations are extremely perfect; some users on here use his art for the purpose of crating fan-made Pokémon cards, whilst giving him credit for the artwork.
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I want this Pokemon so bad, it's dual water and fire typing is what won me over, it would be great in battle, plus it's design is awesome and fierce, man I want one, when is there gonna be an actual legal event for me to get it, I want to know GameFreak!
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I Love this Pokémon!!
Is my Favorite Legendary Pokémon Ever!!

I love its design so much! When people say, "I just don't get what it is" I say "that's the point!". I love the monster design, and the steam idea. I never knew water vapor could be so cool!......And powerful enough to level an entire region-worth of mountain range.....😅 Don't make it angry~

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Think this has something related to the powerplant?
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Confirming Sass' comment below. You got a thief on your case.
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Yo I don't know if you care much about art theft but…
This person stole your art and removed the tags, and they're also stealing art from me and a few other people. Just wanted to let you know!
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