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Terrakion v.2

My artwork for Terrakion, the second version. The first version felt a little boring pose-wise, so I made this. I'm pleased with how it turned out.

Please don't use any of my artwork, including this piece, without my permission. Thank you.

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© 2011 - 2021 Xous54
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Yay and it's the only Rock/Fighting type
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My first thought when I saw this:

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imma firin mah lazar!!!
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I love Terrakion! It's so cool
The three dogs of this region (Unova) are based on the three musketeers, if you didn't know
Cobalion is based on the leader
Terrakion is based on the largest and heaviest of the three
and Virizion is based on the one that was good with a sword
Great job. Do you draw these, by the way?
can i use it? :3

cool picture ~
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:iconterrakionplz::iconsaysplz:WHO TOUCHED MY GUN?!
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Terrakion: You better not be watchin' me!
Me: Why?
Terrakion::iconnotimpressedplz:... Uuuhh... I forgot.
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omg...these new pokemon seem much more detailed...idk, it seems different, i left off at hoenn lol
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This is indeed a fantastic image depicting Terrakion. It's face and stance show how it's dominating yet still watchful of all that goes on around it.
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i like terrakion but most pictures i find of are bad but this ones the best i found
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i have him on pokemon black
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I hope it was by the hard way...

I cheated and got him on an emulator... I suck T_T
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i got him with a dusk ball
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If I remember right, I caught him with an Ultra Ball. Yep, I'm classic!:XD:
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Well at least it was official. lol
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What's your Terrakion's moveset?
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i have this pokemon two
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SO epiiic <3
Idk but...this Pokemon is kinda hard to draw >< awesomeee <33
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