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Snivy v.2

My artwork for Snivy, the second version. With Black and White out, I felt re-drawing the Unova starters would be fitting. In addition, I'm more comfortable drawing them now that they've been out a while, so I could make better poses than what I had in their first versions.

The pose I went with here... At first I thought of slithering, then I thought of Snivy's speed. It must be able to pull off some acrobatic aerial moves, so that's what it's doing here. Kinda... "Up in the air about to slam down on the foe with its tail", or something.

Please don't use any of my artwork, including this piece, without my permission. Thank you.

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© 2011 - 2021 Xous54
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(At least that's what it looks like to me...)

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My 4 favorite moves from Snivy are
1 Vine Whip
2 Leaf Tornado
3 Coil
4 Attract
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Snivy is Elegant and Charming!
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Awesome drawing very impressive!
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i can use this snivy in my background?????
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Your artwork is marvelous. It has flawless and perfect design!

The Artist thought this was FAIR
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Cute snivy pic !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This made my day.
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Can I please use this for a Pixel-Over sprite I'm doing for a friend? Please please please it's the best I've found!
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Love this immensely.
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Frankly, I thought she was underwater!
And well could be, her tail can get oxygen from the water, as well as process sunlight. SNivy's only concern would be to have her mouth closed.
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aww, adorable X3
great work :thumbsup:
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It looks so delightfully smug.
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can i use some of your pictures to make cards and then ill pom and gve you credit?!?!?
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Great job, love the pose. This almost looks like it could be the official art! :D
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How do you make your drawings look official? ITS AWESOME!
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