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Slayers Club: Wall to Wall Demons

My entry for this month's Slayers Club fan art theme, which is "wall to wall demons". 

Originally I didn't plan to do such a busy piece but the more I got very carried away. Even so, I kept it very loose in both linework and color (went with a color gradient instead of coloring each character individually). I may come back to this someday and make a more detailed version if I find the time.
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He is not surrounded by demons

Demons are surrounded by him

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Rip and tear, until it's DONE
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Oh boi, some crazy party!
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The day of Doomslayer is approaching!!
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I feel sorry for them.
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Don't be, they don't payed they taxes.
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Oh wow, that is pretty damn effective. I don't know the contest, but I hope you win, this is awesome! ^^

poor doom guy...
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Don't really think it's the Slayer you need to be worried about. The demons, on the other hand...
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Poor?!? POOR?!?! Hell! If anything the DEMONS are the ones that are the victims in this situation! 
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Holy FUCK is this awesome! I love this so much, great work!
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   It's quite amazing indeed. The amount of detail on specific characters helps create focus and distance.
I especially love the lighting. Given that this is monochromatic, lighting would be vital and I think it's very successful here.
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