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Slayer vs. Marauder
By Xous54   |   Watch
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Published: December 2, 2018
© 2018 - 2019 Xous54
Digital piece of fan art featuring the Doom Slayer and Marauder from DOOM Eternal. 

Because my computer isn't the best I was only able to work on this at about 50% of the size I would have liked, which prevented me from getting in as much detail as I wanted. What affected me the most was that it slowed down how fast I could work, both because of the lag/loading times when working on larger areas and because I had to be more precise with my brushstrokes to convey the details. Hopefully someday I'll have a computer good enough to work at the size/speed that I want.

That said, I'm mostly satisfied with the results.
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why Marauder is similar to him
GamerJay's avatar
GamerJayHobbyist Writer
I'm sure the Marauder's role in the story will be epic. :)
AmrasFelagund's avatar
AmrasFelagundHobbyist Writer
Can't wait to see what sort of connection there is between these two, whether it's nemeses or wretches in arms!
Azurelong's avatar
I think I figured out who the Marauder is.

Remember the DOOM 2016 codex mentioning a traitor among the Night Sentinals? 
AmrasFelagund's avatar
AmrasFelagundHobbyist Writer
Yeah, I remember that detail. You reckon that's who the Marauder is?
Azurelong's avatar
The Marauder's armor is strikingly similar to the Doom Slayer.

And the codex never said the traitor was the Slayer himself. Since this is the same Doomguy from the first Doom games, it could be that in anguish of seeing his (traitor's) son being turned into a demon then killed by the Slayer, he became one himself in an act of vengeance.
XeroTheDeathless's avatar
MAYBE,the Marauder was a last ditch effort at Demons to create something to counter the Doom Slayer (except that crash-the-fucking-temple-onto-him trick). Because of their similarities,they thought the Marauder is the Slayer himself,so they considered him a traitor?
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Kyouken0w0Hobbyist General Artist
Great work!
Finndragon92's avatar
Cant wait for this game
JFR3's avatar
JFR3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing work!!
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DrawingEnatias's avatar
DrawingEnatiasHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice Work I have seen, I have been getting into Doom Recently. and seeing content like this makes it even cool~ I really like the way you shaded the Demons in this c:
imx-da's avatar
Excellent work as always!

I only have a laptop with 2GBs of RAM, so I know that feeling very well lol
SpellboundCanvas's avatar
SpellboundCanvasStudent Digital Artist
2GBs? It must be fairly old then.
AwsomeBeck's avatar
Oh i cannot wait for this match!
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