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My artwork for Pignite. As promised, I'm drawing the remaining Unova Pokémon in order. Drawing Pignite made me realize its tail is a different color than the other dark parts of its body.

Please don't use any of my artwork, including this piece, without my permission. Thank you. (If you wish to contact me about using my art, a Note is the easiest way for me to notice.)

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© 2011 - 2021 Xous54
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Can I use a few pieces of your art for a website banner?
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brb gonna go get a pignite
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cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool! i like this as it is one of my favourate pokemon
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could I have your permission to print out some of these for private use? I was thinking of making a poster for my self, no profit at all for me! Is that ok with you?
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Great work! Never realised about the tail colour. I love this evolution set in general.
inb4 Tepig haters.
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Just wonderful!
You're amazing Xous :3
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what should i say about this great Pignite work...
Pignimazing? or whatever...
anyways Excellent Job dude.
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1 word I can only say.
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I actually hated pignite because of its fatness but in this picture you made me like it a bit more.
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Nice pose! I really like this one.
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i can say this one is better than sugimori but im scared
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I'll never get why people think Pignite is ugly.
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Just because it is fat and its call sounds like a fart in the RPG.
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Tepig's cry kind of sounds like a butt trumpet too.

...Emboar's doesn't, though.
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What an amazing drawing!!!
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great job!! that pose is incredible :la:
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