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My artwork for Pansage / Yanappu. I'm pleased with how it turned out.

Please don't use any of my artwork, including this piece, without my permission. Thank you.

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haha it looks like he has a brocoli on his head XD This is one of my favorite pokemon, mostly because Cilan has it and i'm a huge fangirl of Cilan ^///^ hehehe i love this :3
SonicUnleashed11's avatar
Antanvo! bravismo! cin vo nya,
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"I speak no evil"
3LeggedGerbil's avatar
"I have broccoli on my head. Your argument is invalid."
alexjuuhh's avatar
Sugimori, is that you?! No just kidding, it does look a lot like Sugimori-style. But this artwork is way better then the one Sugimori made for Yanappu, that's for sure.
IngaTheSquirrel's avatar
it looks like he has broccoli on his head !!
Blaziken33's avatar
Cool! Its better then original :D
Pokemonfandrawer13's avatar
cool! your art reminds me of sugimori art.
rainygami's avatar
este pokémon no me gusta porque es basicamente un aipom con un brocoli encima
Gliscorz's avatar
I honestly hate this Pokemon. A monkey with BROCCOLI on its head.

But you make it look cool :D
Pokeaqua27's avatar
This artwork of Yanappu is really cool! Yes more monkeys!
BlackLal's avatar
Brocoli! I like it x3
Shiro8's avatar
Yay Mr.Broccomonkey XD
LittleNerdyOTAKU's avatar
BakaSamaC's avatar
I like how well you drew it. But the pokemon itself.........well........I'm just not a fan of it. (it's got broccoli for hair)
Cometwing's avatar
Amazing work! :D
This may be the only thing of your's I do not like. It doesn't really fit the pokemon's personality. The official Pokemon site of Japan updated with a screenshot of Yanappu's front sprite. Yanappu is a very happy and joyful pokemon. Your artwork doesn't really show that.
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The official artwork and front sprite for mijumaru makes it look depressed and sad, but in the anime its one of the most happy and cheerful pokemon ive ever seen. In conclusion, your point is invalid. :icontakethatplz:
Randmness's avatar
Nice like always. :D
FryGears25's avatar
WOW! YOUR FAST XOUS!=D And it looks better than the original!
So are you going to do Emonga too? 'o'
Xous54's avatar
I kinda want to start Emonga, but every time I start drawing things, I seem to forget about it. xD At this point, all I'd feel comfortable doing is getting an outlined sketch done, so when we get clear, official-quality artwork of it I can color it in and post it.
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