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To mix things up a bit, I've recently been thinking up new ideas for Fakemon. I've considered making a whole PokéDex of about 120+, but until I complete the official 649, that's not something I'm going to focus on.

So, to start things off, I'm uploading the two "mascots" of the Dex I'm working on. I know the Dragon-Type mascots thing is getting old, but it's my favorite Type, so of course that's how I'm going to do it!

Here's Palisaegon, the Pokémon of defense. The main Legendary focus of this region is "Attributes" - namely Offense, Defense, and Speed. Palisaegon is basically the master of defense, and its stats in those fields are second to none. The game version it represents is "Shield Version". Here's the basic information on it:

Palisaegon (Palisade + Aegis + Dragon)
Defense Pokémon
Ability: Battle Armor
"This Legendary Pokémon is the embodiment of complete defense. It is capable of withstanding even a direct hit from a nuclear bomb."
115 / 40 / 240 / 40 / 240 / 5

- Stomp
- Wide Guard
8 Protect
17 Dragon Rage
24 Refresh
31 Double-edge
38 Cosmic Power
45 Recover
54 Amnesia
63 Iron Defense
72 Dragon Claw
81 Power Trick
90 Metal Burst
100 Aegis Burst*

*Signature Move: Aegis Burst (Physical)
Type: DRAGON / Power: 100 / Acc.: 90 / Effect%: 50
The power of this move doubles if the user is affected by a Special Condition. There's a chance the condition is removed after the attack is used.

Please don't use this artwork for anything. Thanks!

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The design is good but his typing if of. His stats are also absurd.
cub3dud3's avatar
Can I post your fakemon on instagram if I give credit
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dbzfan2349Student Traditional Artist
5 speed dafuq

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BlazingDragonLordStudent General Artist
Palisaegon: The Legendary Shuckle XD
Migatte-no-Gokui's avatar
It puts the likes of Blissey, Shuckle and even Giratina or Lugia to shame with how super-durable it is. If it existed, it might have even been banned from Ubers.

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dbzfan2349Student Traditional Artist
wow!dragon/steel!necer seen THAT one before!nice!
MrPokemonBlack123's avatar
dialga is dragon/steel
dbzfan2349's avatar
dbzfan2349Student Traditional Artist
oh yeah.BRAIN DERP!!! :P
ChaseNNN's avatar
ChaseNNNStudent Digital Artist
Reminds me of Terrakion but i like this design a little more
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IceLuxrayHobbyist General Artist
epic :D
KaoTheHedgehog's avatar
KaoTheHedgehogHobbyist General Artist
240 base defenses...good luck getting through that everyone...
Monstroe333's avatar
Monstroe333Student General Artist
it's got a tiny bit more defence than shuckle...LOL
RagingSalamence's avatar
RagingSalamenceStudent General Artist
But MUCH more HP.
Monstroe333's avatar
Monstroe333Student General Artist
yh :3
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the only problem i have with these three is that they don't look very similar.
with dialga and palkia, they look weird, but they look kind of similar as well.
although kyurem doesn't really look very much like zekrom and reshiram.

i suppose the gemstones in their heads make them look kind of unified...
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is this a real pokemon???
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sam914630Hobbyist General Artist
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473No-LifeHobbyist Traditional Artist
It's almost as if that Bastiodon just evolved into its "Legendary" form... Anyways, good work! ;D
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WhiteOrchid14Hobbyist Traditional Artist
WHY would they try to nuke it?!
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TurtlestarfHobbyist Digital Artist
Fantastic! This is so epic!!! I can;t decide which one of your legendary Fakemons I would pick!!!!
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Arceusrules98Hobbyist General Artist
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Now that is just cool! :)
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