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Landorus Therian Forme

My artwork for the Therian / Sacred Beast Forme of Landorus. I'm pleased with how it turned out.

If you use this artwork, please provide credit to me if possible. Thanks.

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The Legendary Lakitus (What I like to call them) are possibly my favorite legendary trio.
I just thought they were cool prior to the Therian formes- Once they were revealed, they became downright awesome.
I don't like Thundurus's Therian forme, but that simply means he's the one I primarily use in Lakitu forme, because he's an amazing mixed and special attacker, and Prankster gives him the ability to screw over almost any team. I like Tornadus's Lakitu design the best out of their Lakitu designs, but he's not all that good- Until he becomes his Therian forms, where he can have a Life Orb, do some big damage with Hurricane, then U-Turn out of there and heal off with Regenerator. Plus, I LOVE his Therian design- He just looks so majestic and powerful, on par with Ho-Oh, and I have to mention how he's the ONLY pure Flying-type, which I love.
Landorus is just badass. First of all, he just reminds me of a grumpy old man, which is hilarious- Just look at his face in his artworks. He just looks fed up. One of his battle animations in his Lakitu Forme in Gen VI looks like he's yawning as well, which is brilliant. His stats are great as well- Lakitu Forme is a brilliant mixed attacker (And a rare special attacking Ground-type), while Therian Forme is an extremely good physical attacker. I also love his Therian Forme, which reminds me of Tony Tiger (I named my first one which I caught in AS who I plan on using in Therian Forme Toby) while looking awesome.
Yeah... I had to get that out. Great art, as well- Very faithful to Sugimori's style.