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My artwork for Hoopa, a supposed Ghost/Psychic-Type Mythical Pokémon in X and Y. Following some leaked information not too long ago (their names and possible Type combinations), images of the Mythical Pokémon (often called "Event Legendaries") of X and Y were leaked by a user named Smealum. Whether the images are true or not isn't 100% confirmed but it's highly likely given the circumstances.

I'm not 100% sure on some of the details here - not sure if it has claws and if it does I'm not sure if they're regular white or the same color as its horns (or something else). Also unsure of what its body looks like below that lower ring. When clearer images come up, I'll make changes if need be. Anyway, this is it for the Mythical Pokémon of X and Y.



Edit: Made some minor adjustments to the eye on the left.

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OH! THE NOSTALGIA! Thank you for this, it brings back so many memories of the 2014-15 era of speculation. I always loved Hoopa, and I still think it is one of the most powerful and dangerous of pokemon. Easily one of my favorite mythicals. To be honest, I love the gen 6 mythicals so much. It would have been cool if Dahara City or something similar were in the game, and you go there with a strange new International Police member (since Looker left) after a desert castle falls out of the sky over a town or city, possibly even Camphrier Town. I also thought it would be cool if, for instance, the Ferris Wheel from Unova fell outside of your home in Vaniville, scaring your mother half to death, and a piece of Lumiose Tower get teleported to the bay area, so now you can see a giant hunk of steel and glass jutting out of the ocean like a post-apocalyptic city or something, and Hoopa sent a Rayquaza to Lumiose, so it wraps around the ruined tower like a Kaiju. It is your job to seal Hoopa and Capture it and tame it. Perhaps it refuses to listen like Pikachu did in Pokmeon Yellow, and you have to get closer with it. The you can comfortably open the bottle and wield Hoopa's true power. "ALÉ-HOOOPA RIIING!!"😁

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i have a hoopa and its very powerful :)
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Probably one of my new favorite legendary pokemon, alongside Diancie, Volcanion, Latios, Latias, Lugia and others.

And its new form is totally bad ass !
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looks like a chao :D
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I absolutely love this it's great!
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You drew this? I thought it was THE official artwork! Great job!!
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It knows a signature move,Hyperspace Hole, a Psychic move.
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So THAT'S why everyone is saying 'Hoopa' on GTS.
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can't wait for it to come out. it looks like an Arabian princess XD
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and it's signature move and possible impratical ability is a bomb
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Looks more like a Digimon =/
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Apparently it has something to do with the Hex Maniac Ghost and the Scary House.
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Favorite of the leaked legendaries! Great work!
its the perfect addition to Loki team in Feriowind Pokevngers series since its known as the Mischief Pokemon
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I have the games and I haven't seen this one but this is extremely well drawn
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It hasn't been released yet.

A hacker dug into the games coding and pulled this, 2 other unreleased Legendaries, and Mega-Evolutions for the Lati's.
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You're right. It's be a shame if someone...
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cough shadow ball cough
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Is not real all 3

- Hoopa

- Diancie

- Volcanion

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