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Groudon v.2

By Xous54
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My artwork for Groudon, the second version. (Version 1 was never finished.) This pose was inspired by the Groudon on the Ruby/Sapphire OST. I simply had to try a pose like it for myself.

Please don't use any of my artwork, including this piece, without my permission. Thank you.

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© 2009 - 2021 Xous54
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May nathano and I please use this, My friend is making a game and wanted to know if he could use this pic, we'll give you credit.
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Can I Use this for a signature i will be sure to credit you.
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oh wow ive just seen this exact artwork on the eb games website
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Love this, I always loved Groudon's Eruption move! ;heart:
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My 4 favorite moves from Groudon are
1 Lava Plume
2 Eruption
3 Fire Blast
4 Dragon Claw
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This is so good!
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I don't know why, but all your line-art seems a bit pixelated. That's such a shame for your beautiful artworks.
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awesome! i love groudon
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Can I use this Groudon for my art ???
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Sweet! Groudon! Definitely one of the toughest Pokemon! This earns a Strong Bubbly Buck!

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I like Groundon's Pose
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My favorite artwork of Groudon ever! O_O
I just can't get over how awesome this looks
x-R-E-S-x's avatar
Legendaries are the best!
echo242's avatar
third generation legendaries were the best. effing love Groudon, what a BAMF.
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I love this picture! It makes me like groudon a lot more, the sugimori work makes it look like it has man boobs O.o but this is amazing!!!!! :D Great Job! :D Im startin to finally get into gen 3, lolz, it took me long enough, haha, now that the 5th gen is out, Kyogre still beasts groudon, but this is an epic picture :D
x-R-E-S-x's avatar
Legendaries are genderless, so you do not know if it is a 'man'.
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can i use for my project's box (with crédit)
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I really like it :yahoo:
Ordairu's avatar
I'm fan D8<
Very nice blue effects in the inside 8D
Awesome colours too
And cute face :3
Lizardona's avatar
Hi ^^
I promissed to show you the signature I used your Groudon artwork in ^^

here the link:

Lizardona's avatar
nice work :O

I'm going to use it ^^
the result I show you then ^^

all of youre works are awesome *.*
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