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Doom Slayer and Daisy

By Xous54
A portrait of the Doom Slayer from DOOM (2016) holding Daisy, the rabbit of the original Doomguy. Painted on 16"x20" canvas using various brands of acrylic paint.

Although it's not been confirmed by any official sources that the Doom Slayer is the same person as Doomguy, I wanted to pair the two together since Daisy is referenced in one of multiplayer DLC maps. Whether you interpret this painting as Doom Slayer/Doomguy finally reuniting with Daisy or simply Doom Slayer finding the poor rabbit and wanting to protect her is up to you.

This took around 60 hours to complete, which doesn't count the time it took to make the original sketch and transcribe it onto the canvas. I painted for 12 days at about 5 hours each day, working on various chunks of the painting each session. Started with the head and finished with the super shotgun.

Overall I'm pleased with the end result, though I can never get good photos of my paintings so there's always glare in parts. Sorry about that.

I'd like to give thanks to the some model artists/model rippers out there whose images of the Doom Slayer model from the game provided great references for parts of the suit: BlueFlytrap998, Neverstops, lemon100.
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I like that art :)

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Doom Slayer- Legendary Demon Exterminator, and the TRUE MAN OF CULTURE

This is the single most greatest creation in mankind. Infinite rage incarnate that makes demons piss themselves while holding the most perfect, cutest bunny.

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I'm so happy this got put into DOOM Eternal

The Slayers portrait

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Whoa, wait. Xous, you are the original artist? If so, that's awesome, because I saw it in the Fortress of Doom on the Doom Slayer's wall in Doom Eternal! Shucks, and here I thought for a spell that you had made an impressive recreation, but I guess it's even greater than that!

I wound up here because I found the portrait in Doom Eternal and wanted to show my girlfriend the Badass Angry Violence Man with an adorable pet bunny.

I had no idea of the surrounding story or that it was originally fanart!

Do you sell prints? Because I would absolutely *love* to put this on my wall.

nice they added it into doom eternal

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very nice portrait

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Fighting off the hoards of Hell for the bunnie wabbits and all the other cute, fluffy animals. People? Less so.

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I want to buy, frame and put it on my wall so badly!
A masterpiece!!!
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I love the film
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i made a 3d version of your painting :)

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Cute Rabbit makes me move compliments
MekkaMaki's avatar

Congrats on getting this fratured in the game! Lovely artwork!

Hakar-Kerarmor's avatar

Go for the demonic eyes Daisy! Go for the demonic eyes!

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i cant believe you went to fortress of doom to make a potray of doomslayer and daisy
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you have ascended from the doom fandom and entered the hallowed halls of the true canon. Congratulations.
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The fact that this is in Doom Eternal makes me happy, good job!

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This actually being in DOOM: Eternal is amazing, and very well deserved!

Props to you for getting this into Doom Eternal

HolyCrapWhiteDragon's avatar
Your art is part of Doom history now. Congrats!
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Hey, this is actually in the new game!

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