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Edit: Removed the gem at the bottom of the rock portion of its body after seeing a full back image.


My artwork for Diancie, a supposed Fairy/Rock-Type Mythical Pokémon in X and Y. Following some leaked information not too long ago (their names and possible Type combinations), images of the Mythical Pokémon (often called "Event Legendaries") of X and Y were leaked by a user named Smealum. Whether the images are true or not isn't 100% confirmed but it's highly likely given the circumstances.

Went with the typical Sugimori-esque pose (very basic showing most of the Pokémon's features), but I'm still not 100% sure about the very bottom part of the rock portion of its body. An Amie image shows almost all the way down to the bottom of it but cuts off a portion of it. So the details there may be wrong. If you have an image of it, I'll fix it.

Enjoy. Hoopa should be done soon.

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Again, thanks for the 2014-15 nostalgia, you are an amazing artist.🤗

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Awww, I love that drawing, plus the little gemstones. Nice work!👍

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I don't know what you will think about this, but someone is selling your Diancie on redbubble, what's worse, they deleted your mark and added their watermark:…
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I gave you credit on a title cover that I used for a video I did with me doing Mystery Gift for Diancie.

Here: and the title cover here:
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Wow, this looks amazing. The only thing that doesn't match the official artwork is her forehead diamond. And considering that's just a small detail, this is really amazing, honestly.
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wow this looks amazing!

Oh and by the way,if anyone has a diancie yet,I'll give a shiny shaymin for it! c:
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I Think Diancie's already legit, right?
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Yeah, it's on Bulbapedia, I've read that apparently its gonna appear in the next film, though that might not be completely right, but I think so
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Diancie is the physical form of Carbink.

Also Xous if you're looking for the shiny Diancie 

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*clears throat* I was wrong actually as I had read the description wrong.

Diancie is a sudden tranformation of Carbink.
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If you need the actual design here it is, a ruby is placed on the top of it's head.

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hdiawidwahaihdwihawidwahidwahiawhiahia you are pro you are the best pokemon fan you know everything about pokemon!!!!!!!!
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No, I don't know everything about Pokemon, I just play the games, I don't know how to IV train.
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I wonder will Carbink evolve into Diancie? Well, it doesn't matter if it don't. I like both anyway Meow :3 .
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Why would a common Pokemon evolve into a legendary? It makes no sense.

However, it is said Carbink is related with Diancie, via some sort of mutation.
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Oh. I didn't know that Diancie is legedary. Thank you :) (Smile) .
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Yup. You're welcome.
Of course they may look similar, but obviously they wouldn't reveal an "evolution" a while after the game's release - that is obviously the chance for them to officially announce "new" legendaries to the public. Most people would know because of hackers.
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I honestly like this art more than I like the official art. XD

I'm excited to get one in-game! (For anyone who didn't know yet, Diancie has been officially confirmed, and it is likely that the others are real as well.)

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I want her so bad!!! I hope Nintendo does something with her and the other two!
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Your dream is now a reality ~;D!
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She looks really cool n_n
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