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DOOM Painting

I wanted to work on a few larger paintings based on the new DOOM, so here's the first of two. Done in a first-person viewpoint like the game. The scenery here is inspired by the Titan's Realm level in the game and features a couple Imps, a Mancubus, a Cacodemon, a Revenant, the Cyberdemon, and of course Doomguy holding the Super Shotgun in the foreground.

Painted on 16"x20" canvas with various brands of acrylic paint. Unfortunately I don't own a good digital camera so this image doesn't really do the painting justice. Regardless, I tried to take the best shot I could.
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This is some serious art! Well-done! You must have the patience of a saint.

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what a great scene!
wanderingdaydream3r's avatar
incredibly impressive!
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These demons don't have a prayer in Hell. :D
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This looks very good!
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Phenomenal work and more painterly than a lot of gamer fan art!
Cocademon in the Background: "OH SHIT IT'S HIM! I need to get outta here!!"
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WOW! This is a painting!? This is awesome! Fantastic job on the details! I love little details!
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Like holy crap! That's some serious talent right there!
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Fight like hell man, FIGHT... LIKE... HELL!!!
Fight Like Hell >8D
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Damn that is perfect, great job
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You know, when the official DOOM Twitter feed shares your painting, it has to be worthy. Good job, man.
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Daamn this is super-neat. You should work for their artworks book if they will make any .w. 
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My body is ready...
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Hey man I was wondering what paint brushes do you use to do such fine details? I really struggle painting details
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For the fine details I used a 1 millimeter brush. I'm not certain of the brand but it looks like the #1 in this image:…
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Awesome art work dude!
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You are very talented!
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You all have huge guts! Rip and Tear!
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You got featured in the official Doom twitter feed. Nice!…
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