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DOOM Eternal - Marauder by Xous54 DOOM Eternal - Marauder by Xous54
I wanted to practice drawing the Marauder from DOOM Eternal, in preparation of a larger digital piece that will feature him vs. the Doom Slayer. I decided to make a portrait out of one of the sketches, and this is the end result.

Hopefully I'll have time to start the larger piece soon, I've wanted to work on it since seeing the gameplay reveal at QuakeCon but have been busy.
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VegaMarine Featured By Owner Edited Oct 2, 2018  New Deviant
I have a feeling the Marauder is the voice from the beginning of Doom 2016,he might also be the father of the son that died,the betrayer of the Knight Sentinels and Wretch that betrayed the demons after being enslaved,created the Doom Slayers armor and finally that one statue with no arms in the last level of Doom 2016,Argen D'nur.

I guess while the Slayer was on his crusade they captured the Wretch and made him into a demon,or maybe it's the son of the betrayer and you have to fight him. Not sure why people are saying he's the Icon of Sin. He's not,they said he came through.

Maybe like the Imparetrix,Spider-Mastermind,It doesn't have a form,but,is a bodyless spiritual essence who got the Argent power after the Wraiths were drained of energy. Like the Imparetrix took Olivias body,the Icon of Sin probably needed a human body to create and phase It's form through.

Or maybe they exhausted the energy after taking Sentinel Prime we say in the gameplay demo and there may be a few left alive that hid from the Demons invasion the first time? Then how did they invade that world?

Sorry,I'm just really invested in this new lore they created for Doom.
SomeKindaSpy Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2018
It's an interesting approach to the lore you've come at, but I think that the Marauder is either a once-companion of the Slayer, or *maybe* related in some way to the Betrayer.

Also, just to point out, that the Spider Mastermind was the physical manifestation of the Dark Lord of the Fourth Age of Hell (of whom the Slayer promptly murdered). So, my thought is, wonder who #5 is gonna be. We already know that Doom Eternal takes place some time after Doom 2016, so it'll be interesting to see exactly how much time has passed.
VegaMarine Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2018  New Deviant
I stand by the fact his "companion" could be the guy in the armor who made Doomguys in an odd retrospective way,could be the second marine we see in the background of 93s cover. Just a guess on that one. He is the betrayer,he betrayed the Slayer,knights,his people and now the demons.…

Yeah.  But,people say we killed Olivia,we didn't she was already dead the moment she sank in that flesh pit and the Spider-mastermind used her flesh and parts to construct a form for herself. She literally needed her to be the key to awakening her.

That electricity shocking Olivia was the spiritual form and essence of the Imparatrix herself. It's stated in the codex.

Just wanna say. I've just been studying this franchise for a long while now and it just fascinates me. But,I'm not disagreeing or arguing in any way. 

Your right that maybe it could be the guys son since he did BECOME a demon like in the codex. They just don't say specifically what kind of demon. I read this thing quite a lot. But,only the developers can decide where the pieces fall into place.
SomeKindaSpy Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018
I don't think so, no. It's more likely to be either an ex-ally or something along those lines. And yes, I'm aware. You're not the only one who's studied the lore.
VegaMarine Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018  New Deviant
Yeah,sorry if I came off so pretentious and rude.

Hopefully this one will be good,I mean I know they won't disappoint but,I was worried the first time when Doom was making a comeback.
PriceDemon Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2018
Guilty-10-Games Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2018
Mryayayify Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looms awesome!
lunaris2002 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2018  Hobbyist
Oh damn!! This looks so awesome! Nice!!! 😊
JackieRainbows Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
AmrasFelagund Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Ohhhh yes, metal as heck! Can't wait to get the context behind the Marauder's existence in Doom Eternal...!
RussianRetard1488 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2018  Student Artist
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