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DOOM Eternal - Marauder by Xous54 DOOM Eternal - Marauder by Xous54
I wanted to practice drawing the Marauder from DOOM Eternal, in preparation of a larger digital piece that will feature him vs. the Doom Slayer. I decided to make a portrait out of one of the sketches, and this is the end result.

Hopefully I'll have time to start the larger piece soon, I've wanted to work on it since seeing the gameplay reveal at QuakeCon but have been busy.
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GamerGuy20 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2018   Traditional Artist
VegaMarine Featured By Owner Edited Oct 2, 2018
I have a feeling the Marauder is the voice from the beginning of Doom 2016,he might also be the father of the son that died,the betrayer of the Knight Sentinels and Wretch that betrayed the demons after being enslaved,created the Doom Slayers armor and finally that one statue with no arms in the last level of Doom 2016,Argen D'nur.

I guess while the Slayer was on his crusade they captured the Wretch and made him into a demon,or maybe it's the son of the betrayer and you have to fight him. Not sure why people are saying he's the Icon of Sin. He's not,they said he came through.

Maybe like the Imparetrix,Spider-Mastermind,It doesn't have a form,but,is a bodyless spiritual essence who got the Argent power after the Wraiths were drained of energy. Like the Imparetrix took Olivias body,the Icon of Sin probably needed a human body to create and phase It's form through.

Or maybe they exhausted the energy after taking Sentinel Prime we say in the gameplay demo and there may be a few left alive that hid from the Demons invasion the first time? Then how did they invade that world?

Sorry,I'm just really invested in this new lore they created for Doom.
SomeKindaSpy Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2018
It's an interesting approach to the lore you've come at, but I think that the Marauder is either a once-companion of the Slayer, or *maybe* related in some way to the Betrayer.

Also, just to point out, that the Spider Mastermind was the physical manifestation of the Dark Lord of the Fourth Age of Hell (of whom the Slayer promptly murdered). So, my thought is, wonder who #5 is gonna be. We already know that Doom Eternal takes place some time after Doom 2016, so it'll be interesting to see exactly how much time has passed.
VegaMarine Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2018
I stand by the fact his "companion" could be the guy in the armor who made Doomguys in an odd retrospective way,could be the second marine we see in the background of 93s cover. Just a guess on that one. He is the betrayer,he betrayed the Slayer,knights,his people and now the demons.…

Yeah.  But,people say we killed Olivia,we didn't she was already dead the moment she sank in that flesh pit and the Spider-mastermind used her flesh and parts to construct a form for herself. She literally needed her to be the key to awakening her.

That electricity shocking Olivia was the spiritual form and essence of the Imparatrix herself. It's stated in the codex.

Just wanna say. I've just been studying this franchise for a long while now and it just fascinates me. But,I'm not disagreeing or arguing in any way. 

Your right that maybe it could be the guys son since he did BECOME a demon like in the codex. They just don't say specifically what kind of demon. I read this thing quite a lot. But,only the developers can decide where the pieces fall into place.
SomeKindaSpy Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018
I don't think so, no. It's more likely to be either an ex-ally or something along those lines. And yes, I'm aware. You're not the only one who's studied the lore.
VegaMarine Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018
Yeah,sorry if I came off so pretentious and rude.

Hopefully this one will be good,I mean I know they won't disappoint but,I was worried the first time when Doom was making a comeback.
CupheadTheIdiot Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2019  Student Writer
I did think that The Marauder is The Wretch, maybe when The Marauder appears he might be fighting aside us or he will appear in the beginning of the game.
VegaMarine Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2019
What I forgot to mention is the knights were forced to look after the Wraiths due to the last 3 being desperate to survive. The people of Argent D'Nur didn't want to worship them and feared for their lives. 

But,this deal was made so the Wraiths could have some protection and Doomguy and his knights would prevent the wrath of the desperate Wraiths from killing their people. 

And in a twitter post,there was a picture of one of the multiplayer maps containing 3 statues of the Wraiths when they were alive,one of them had the Crucible in their hands.

So the crucible isn't Doomguys weapon,but,belonged to one of the Wraiths. Each one had an item in their hands.

The Wraith in the right has it.…
VegaMarine Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2019
Sadly,I fear that he'll die. Doomguy had been gone for too long since he gave him his armor. (Now retconned to resemble the old armor,but,that's fine.)

Who knows how long he's been corrupted by the wraiths now demon controlled power. Or maybe too much Wraith (Argent) energy and magic has created a permanent strain on him. That's probably the true effect of their power.


Besides all armor,tech of the UAC,structures even in Argent D'Nur,Slayers armor,Haydens new body,robots,guns,Knights weapons and even the power-ups themselves are made of Argent energy. Even Vega,who was the fracture the UAC found according to the first codex.

The only reason the knights and Doomguy can handle it and not the soldiers,unless their combat suits had a VERY small portion of that energy and scientists was cause of the pact they made with the wraiths who threatened the knights and the Slayers people forcing them to worship them as gods,though by looking at Eternals concept of the ruins of the Wraiths home,sentinel prime. They were most definitely desperate.

Argent used to be Mars' lost civilization. So that answers the are they human question,yes,they look humanoid and close to Earths humans,but,no,not completely.


Not making this up either,if you read carefully all this is true,hell the Icon isn't Doomguys son,it's the Wretches. He probably will say,he hopes you finish your journey and free his son from the spiritual manifestation possessing his son which gives the Icon his form.

Like what happened to Olivia,she didn't become a demon,she was skinned,harvested,peeled and in some way her organs and Brain and tech would merge into the form the Aranea Imperatrix needed.

"The tome, found in the crypt of a destroyed tower of unknown construction (codenamed PL E2M8), spoke cryptically of the Aranea Imperatrix as being the union between the master of the fourth age of Hell and the "key holder", referred to only as being a female with no further clarification. The form of the Aranea Imperatrix is said to be carried in the mind of all demons, to be fed with the blood of those who have fallen in battle, and to be made with bones of rock, iron, steel, and sinew."…

Here's a piece of audio from this mod that was taken from the games files,I the comments,the person behind the mod explains it.…

The Kins1 year ago
The intro audio? It's a voiceover that was reversed and attached to a tree prop. There are a few other clips in the game files where the developers salvaged removed Demon Lore for ambient hell sounds, but this one was the one that took me the least time to find and make a bit more audible.?


Even found this before this video was made back in 2017.… This video came out in 2018.

It's not cut content,it's just a reference to Tei Tenga like the original game did on the monitor screens. Tei Tenga was the ORIGINAL setting for Doom back when the original title was supposed to be "Doom: Evil Unleashed". Before changing just to,Doom back in 1993.

Fun Fact: The dead marine in Duke 3D was how Doomguy originally died in the Doom Bible,when he had a name,not from the shitty fan-made novels. It was Buddy Dacote. (Dacote means,Dies At Conclusion Of The Episode.)

Since he died in Episode 1,just like in the final version after we get jumped by demons instead of killed by whoever the bruiser brothers were gonna be before they had image,people say It's the Barons of Hell.

But,there wasn't a name or image of the first boss of the original Doom bible yet,all that was said was,that they were twins. They were remade and finally given form as the Hell Guardians in Doom 2016 as the second boss this time.


Doom Bible: Doom Guys name:…

His description:  Buddy Dacote: the guy that dies
Age: 29 Weight: 202  Height: 6’2”
Physical Description: Very fit and powerful, Buddy always wears a hat that says “BEOS” which stands for “Butt End of Space.”  Caucasian with brown/Blond hair and green eyes.
Character Description: Popular and courageous, Buddy got sent to Tei Tenga Darkside for showing up a superior officer.  His stay here is just temporary though – he was sent here as a security advisor.  Buddy has a good sense of humor.  Inside Info: Dacote stands for “Dies at conclusion of this episode.”

Bruiser Brothers:

Bruiser Brothers  
Twin terrors at the end of episode one, these guys do the following:  
(Insert interesting description of behavior and how they are beat here.)


Description: There are many weapons in doom (with color used for personal palette of player):  

Unmaker (white). Demon-tech weapon that hurts pure demons a lot, demon-humans very little, tech demons some. Made of demon bones.

There was another weapon called,The Dark Claw.

Dark Claw (black). Demon weapon that casts a dark cloud of tortured essence.  
Silent but deadly.


Ammo is required for weapons, of course, so here it is!

Bullets. Used by, pistol, shotgun (gamism), machine gun, spray rifle.

Cells. Plasma Gun, BFG 2704.Grenades. Grenade launcher.

Missiles. Missile Launcher.

Killed humans. The Darkclaw and Unmaker feed on human souls. Killing    <------
possessed humans or hellslaves allows the weapons to feed.

       (Yes,the unmaker was planned even before Doom 64 came out in 1997. Treated now as an unofficial non-cannon sequel to Doom 2. Despite it was all over in 2 cause Doomguy killed the Icon of Sin and walks away without ever been acknowledged,known, or presenced ever again,like a ghost.) Very fitting cause in Doom 1s Narrative,he's a loner. Always has been and always would be.

Even the Spidermastermind was the main threat.

12. Episode Six:
12.1 Story

Episode Six: The Final Gate  
You get back and ask the military if there are any more of these holes. They  
say, well, one more, but it is too small to be significant. You ask to check it out, and
want to go in prepared, just in case. They give you your choice of weapons. Your  
ship lands. Then we see the hole being enlarged by a demon machine. You hit the  
planet, your pilot is killed by a demon. You find the demons overruning the base  
and assault the gate and try to stop them at the source after calling for help, saying
you’ll probably have it cleaned up before they get there. You battle strange new  
demons, and in the end meet the General Demon, who totally slaughters you if you
try to attack him. You can find a secret way to get behind him and blow up his  
machine. You run out and the "cavalry" has arrived. You take off as you order  
them to nuke the gate and the planet. We see the General Demon angry as the  
radiation blast flies past him, bathed in its light, threatening to awaken the ancient  

There's a mod that emulates what the original beta and alpha gameplay is like.…

Improved trailer and gameplay.…

You even use a severed hand to activate a console to open a door,there's even another section where you used a severed head to scan the eye on a door scanner.…

Plus,the names of the people in the original Doom are the ones in Rise of The Triad,this is before Tom Hall left Id Software and brought the characters into their own game,well,sort of. Rise of The Triad was supposed to be a Wolfenstein 3D sequel,but,was cancelled. So Tom Hall made a reference of the main 4 plus,adding one of the random side characters from Doom bible,whoever he would've been or if he even contributed to the story at all or not became the 5th character in ROTT. And didn't play a big role in Doom.

But,John Romero and Carmack weren't too big on it and scrapped 3 months of Tom Halls work. Fun fact: John Romero only did maps for Episode 1 of Doom,Peters did 2 and 3 and most of the maps of Doom 2,not John Romero,he did a couple,but,not all of them. He may have over exaggerated and lied a bit.

Sadly,Hall never got credit for his work,parts of his original ideas were used in Doom 1,and 64 and 2016 which is a giant love letter to all of Doom. He brought the idea of Hell crossing over in Doom 1,which they reused in 3 and 2016.

Even the Ark from the Doom movie is referenced in the same area you get the BFG.


And the Spidermastermind in Doom 3,people assume it is, is really an arachnotron,wanna see what the Spider Mastermind REALLY looks like here you go:……

This is an Arachnotron: (But,people keep mistaking it.) Only Doom 3s phobos mod got it right. In this old trailer:…… (Fanmade sounds for Doom 3 since the Arachnotron had no sounds)……


The mod is finally released,but,it's an episodic thing,so we have to wait for others. (No Arachnotron yet.)……

I should probably stop here I've said quite a lot. Point being,the fanbase has made a couple of misinformation for the last 2 decades,still going from what I see and I just wanted to share some info.

If that's fine,hope I'm not coming off as an ass,I apologize. I just,like Doom,a lot.

Oh,one last thing,the mobile Doom games (Doom RPG and Doom RPG 2) were the ones that tied the family tree of BJ,Commander Keen and Doomguy in the mid 2000s,not the classics. And seems weird cause Doom RPG 1 ties to Doom 3 which is a remake of Doom 1 and Doom RPG 2 ties to the classics. They can tie an original and remake together,wouldn't make sense.

But,I do like the family tree idea,I'll admit.

Also,this is where people get the original Doomguy thing from. (To end on this note.)

Would be cool if this is confirmed true.

R.I.P. Daisy……
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Looms awesome!
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Oh damn!! This looks so awesome! Nice!!! 😊
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Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
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Ohhhh yes, metal as heck! Can't wait to get the context behind the Marauder's existence in Doom Eternal...!
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