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My artwork for Altaria. I've dreaded drawing Altaria thanks to the way Sugimori colored its clouds (sooo complex!), but I finally got the courage to take it on. I'm pleased with how it turned out.

Today was like some sort of crazy awesome sketch day, or something, because I got three other Pokémon sketched: Sneasel, Flareon v.2, and Azumarill! Hopefully I'll be able to get them done this weekend.

Please don't use any of my artwork, including this piece, without my permission. Thank you.

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SpontaniousCombuskenStudent Digital Artist
Can I have your permission to use this beautiful sketch in a youtube video?
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May I have permission to use your Altaria to mix with an Ampharos? Pretty please with a poffin and credit on top?!
OddishCrafts's avatar
You said I needed permission, so can I have it? I would like to trace it for the "favourite Pokemon type" meme. I would give you credit!
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MrKeybladeMaster1992Hobbyist Digital Artist
That Altaria is making me want to give it a hug.
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PickleParfeStudent General Artist
Altaria is my favorite Dragon type. Yes, I like it better than Dragonite and Rayquaza.

It's a fantastic wall and is brutal if you can get a few Dragon Dances in. Plus, I think it's kinda cute...
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The top 4 moves for Clair's Altaria are
1 Toxic
2 Fire Blast
3 Double Team
4 Cotton Guard
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i would have thought this was made by ken sugimori himself LOL but seriously :D
SofiaPokemon's avatar
SofiaPokemonHobbyist Digital Artist
Altaria:The fluffy one <D
bubblegirl144's avatar
:wow: i would have thought this was made by ken sugimori himself =D
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BooberryzStudent Traditional Artist
It looks great!
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neodragonartsHobbyist General Artist
dawww to cute, do you mind if i use this picture as a reference for a tribal altaria? I'll definitely link back to this and give you credit for the pose and everything :>
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LeafyHeartHobbyist Digital Artist
Cool! :D
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Can you do Sugi-Art for this dude? :
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AstrikosHobbyist Artist
very nice altaria. The pose is epic and serene! I wuvs it
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There's something I just don't get about Altaria...
WHY is it a Dragon type? WHY can it learn Dragon moves? Does it even LOOK like a Dragon?
Looks more like a bloody bird with clouds for wings!
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RagingSalamenceStudent General Artist
Altaria is based on a Peng, a chinese legend that is something like a dragon-bird.
darkheart-shadowclan's avatar
you are the best pokemon drawer evah
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FuutachimaruHobbyist Digital Artist
te ha quedado maravilloso <3 8D
kohaku-dono's avatar
Wonderful work!
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so beautiful!!!!
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can i use this one?
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Xous54Student General Artist
Sure. Just be sure to give me credit for it.
SendyGilbert's avatar
can i use all of your art?
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