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Samurai Wallpaper



Based on a work by ~strych9, samurai. I wanted to use it as a wallpaper, and so I did this.

This is my first (and quite primitive, as you can see ^^; ) attempt to mix vectors and bitmaps. The bitmap is obviously the samurai female, and vectors everything else. The kanji on the top is the japanese kanji for "samurai" (thanks to japanese.about.com :-) ).

I don't know how other people do when mixing vectors and bitmaps. In this, I did everything vectorial with sodipodi and then mixed it with the bitmap in the Gimp. But maybe other vectorial programs (as that Illustrator that everyone seems to be using) allow to do everything at once :hmm:.

Well, at least it's not so bad as to keep me for trying again in the future :-)
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You will be interested in Inkscape: [link]

It's a spin-off from Sodipodi that has grown at a frightening speed in the last couple of years. It has taken most of the coders from Sodipodi with it.

The interface is way better than SPs one, and it has some very powerful tools. Also, it nativelly traces bitmaps into vectors, and has many more great options (and a very good documentation, which is infrequent in Free Software).

That said, in Inkscape (and in Sodipodi I think, too), you can drag-and-drop an image (or perhaps import it via a menu, depends on the version) into the canvas, and work with it as if ti were another element of the picture. Just be careful when you choose the output resolution in the end.