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We, the judges, would like to say some words before we cross the finish line and leave the glorious past of this tournament in the dust.


When I first decided I wanted to do an OCT, I envisioned a small group of people sharing stories, having fun, making new friends and learning something new! That is what these tournaments have always been for me. They have been such an important and vital part of my life when growing up and I wouldn't replace any of my OCT experiences with anything else. I eventually realized that I wanted to share the experience by creating that atmosphere for others and I feel like we more than succeeded in that goal. Being involved in watching all of you and reading all of these wonderful creative stories could not have made me happier. Xotiathon is special. You guys are responsible for making this place great. Thank you to everyone who participated. May you continue to grow and learn and stay hyped for creating!


My OCT history has been short but exciting, and I certainly have grown addicted to them over the years, both through participating and simply reading along. I passed up opportunities to judge before, but Xotiathon came at just the right time with a great, supportive team and sea of entrants that really blew me away. I have adored seeing all the creative characters and even more enthralling stories. It has been an amazing experience jumping into a judging role and I appreciate everyone I've met in this tournament. You've all been awesome from day 1 and I will never forget this tournament.


Xotiathon is the fifth tournament I have been staff on. Despite my long career, I have seen incredible, fresh new stories during my time here and a truly wonderful level of involvement from its community that I have scarcely seen rivaled before. Not only have I enjoyed writing prompts and encouraging people to participate in side events, I am deeply pleased by the fact that I have made new friends and watched others’ friendships grow.

:iconkiwipeach: :iconversusplz: :icontechn0gecko:

:iconkiwipeach:'s Terence and Pox

:icontechn0gecko:'s Floala vi Trh



Terence is a great personality. The problems he had to face were huge and it was interesting to see how Pox had been so great at manipulating him and that Terry still was conflicted about his friend’s actions until the very end. You are great with expressing action and guilt and juggling such a positive character with such a dark plotline. It was great to see you were not afraid to hold some punches. Some parts of the final round were confusing in their arrangement and this took a bit of deciphering. Pox was built up as this huge terrifying threat and the way he was handled in the end seemed too quick and painless for such a big problem. The final note of Lanet’s, Xanta’s and the rest of the planets’ problems being worked out so painlessly seemed way too easy for the dark and complicated tones of all the competitor’s stories.


Floala’s development as a person was a thrill to read and seeing her grow in the face of everything that happened was heartwarming. The overall tone of your entries was fluid and kept the theme without getting sidetracked. Taking the opponents’ stories and themes into account to better your own story was very well done and nice to read. How you capture the reader’s attention and make them feel for the characters is a valuable skill and served you very well in this tragic but inspiring story. There were a few grammar mistakes that would disrupt the flow of the story because I had to stop and figure out what I just read. Those would be good to keep an eye on. In some places, details and comments would be repeated or really hammered into the reader when they really did not need to be mentioned that many times.



Right out of the bag I'm going to have to compliment your sequential art skills. Your forms are always believable and VERY expressive. Absolutely mint. Your comic skills are very, very strong and I can only recommend you try to include better introductory/establishing shots in your first pages, as none of your rounds really had those and they could have benefited with some. The story you were trying to tell with Pox and Terrence was absolutely fantastic: at the end of every round we were on the edge of our seats. Your finale, while still extremely engaging, fun, and visually beautiful, unfortunately platued a bit in relation to Round 4. I felt you were really, truly wanting to go somewhere great with the Pox plot, but it fell a bit short. This was also not aided well by the intro of the round being extremely confusing to read with the present/past tossing around without completely clear panelling to indicate what was a flashback and what wasn't. This is not to say the Pox plotline was at all disappointing, as I felt you wrapped everything up quite nicely and it was an emotional roller coaster seeing poor Terry deal with it all the way to the end. Floala's role, just like all your past opponents, was addressed very well and snapped along nicely with your own storyline, even though I did feel she was presented a bit out of character from time to time. Overall I enjoyed ounce of creativity and complexity you put into your comics and your story. Terry deserves all the adoration.


I still can't believe the little bratty child we were introduced to back in the auditions became such a selfless, lovable character. They grow up so fast. The way you portrayed Floala's personality, character growth, and plotline throughout the story was seamless, confident, and convincing. You were also extremely fluent in expressing your opponents' plights and roles; they never felt out of place while also never overshadowing your own plotline. Even the actual rounds themselves never obstacle in the way of your story, but rather a core piece of it. Your writing was always really strong and rarely difficult to read. There were recurring issues with repetition in many of your rounds, such as sequences repeating themselves or being drawn out far too long. A good deal of your rounds could have benefited from extra time spent editing down to what was important. The biggest example of this was the physical round itself (ch.10-11) of the final: it got a bit agonizing reading the characters doing the same things (falling and restarting) on repeat to the point it got exhausting. Overall, though, your entire Xotioathon story was strong, captivating, and emotional. I'm not crying, you're crying.



You made it through the audition phase in the nick of time, and what a fortunate thing that was for Xotiathon. A popular character in-universe and out of it, Terence was a delight to watch even as the darker elements of his plot were foreshadowed very early on. His boundless enthusiasm and penchant for making friends was a good contrast to Pox’s reserved and - as we found out later - evil nature.

Your early rounds established and continued a theme of well-drawn body language, expressions, and background shots. You created a slowly unfurling plot of deception and betrayal in a fairly tight space while also balancing Terence’s growing friendships and his opponents’ struggles. However, your rounds sometimes suffered from an overabundance of detail or only touching on important points briefly even though they would be vital later on (sometimes leading to confusion. Your finale suffered a bit from clarity and odd dialogue, or plot points that felt a bit odd even in retrospect. Still, the message of evil being overcome not by might, but by information and kindness, is a timeless one.


As a longtime reader of your work, it was amazing to see you venture into a sci-fi story with such an atypical protagonist for the setting! Floala made us all laugh with her antics, but then gained our sympathy as she grew and learned, and finally she made us cry as she suffered and struggled with ever-increasing responsibility and tragedy. While round one had a somewhat excessive amount of race obstacles that caused some lagged pacing and round two was good if not spectacular, you really upped the ante of your plot in round three and sustained the tension until the very end of your finale with hard-earned happiness and peace, if realistically not perfectly done up in a bow. The finale itself was wonderful; though it did have minor flaws in some dialogue and clarity errors, it was a beautifully done emotional ride that wrapped up not one but two complex plots, and it deserves its place among the stars.

With all that said, there can be only one, and the champion of Xotiathon is…


Congrats to Techn0Gecko for placing first, and to kiwipeach for placing second. It was a delight to watch both of you progress through this tournament, and I wish you nothing but luck in your future endeavors. Xotiathon is now over, but there are still prizes to be given, so I remind all who placed (including the third place winners) to contact their prize givers!

First Place: Techn0Gecko
Second Place: kiwipeach
Third Place: Evelyn-Cross and Theplutt97

There will never be another Xotiathon, but there will always be the memories that have been made here. May you always stay hyped for whatever you do, wherever you go in life.
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Both finalists have finished their entries! Round 5 is now over, and no further edits or uploads will be accepted. Judging shall commence, and results will be posted in a week's time.

Many aliens have performed incredible feats of athleticism and combat throughout Xotiathon. Many aliens have given up everything just for a chance to save their dying worlds, to bring aid to their people.

Only one can take home the tournament's prize.

Two souls who have endured terrible hardship will face each other in Xotiathon's last and greatest event, its Grand Finale.

We appreciate everyone's entries, and extend our condolences to those who did not pass. Feel free to cheer on those who moved on as a spectator! We are providing explanations to all participants of Round Four for winning or losing, so feel free to note the group if you would like one.

This time the arena is truly yours, finalists. Anything is possible now.

The deadline for Round Five is 11:59 EST time on December 9th. No further entries will be accepted after this point.

And now, without further ado...


It was a quiet night as the finale of Xotiathon was prepared for the last two remaining competitors. Slica made no announcement over the ICH bots.

Instead, she sent her judges to fetch the finalists from their rooms.

Suls went to one, gently knocking on the door until it was answered and he stepped inside.

Judge Suls by AlfaFilly :iconsaysplz: "It's time."

Janie went to the other, pushing open the door as their voice crackled from the box on their neck.

Judge Janie by AlfaFilly :iconsaysplz: "It's time."

Both led their competitors to the arena, where the arena bleachers were thronged with endless cheering crowds, and the dome's crystal clear glass was bare, giving a beautiful and spacious view of the stars above.

The two judges rejoined the host on their floating platform, and Slica spread her arms wide, her ICH bot flashing.

Five levels of massive floating panels with several feet of space in between, each level containing fewer than the last, materialized in the space. Above the highest, in easy reach for someone standing in the center of its shifting constructs, floated a golden trophy.

Judge Slica by AlfaFilly :iconsaysplz: "The first competitor to grab the champion's trophy wins!"

The Shni chuckled.

Judge Slica by AlfaFilly :iconsaysplz: "Now, I bet you're wondering how you're going to get up there. You teleport, just like how these things were brought in! On every level, there are two tiles that can zap you up to the next one. But be careful! Yours is marked with the color of your ICH, and if you try to use your opponent's, it'll just put you at another random tile on the level you're already in. Don't worry about falling! Once you walk onto the floor, it'll teleport you onto the first level, and it'll do that if you take a spill during the round too!"

Her ICH bot flashed again, and massive multicolored spotlights played over the levels of tiles as rave music started blasting. Slica spoke one last time, her voice magnified to be heard over the beats.

Judge Slica by AlfaFilly :iconsaysplz: "Welcome to the Grand Finale, everybody! Terence of Lanet and Floala vi Trh of Xanta are here to give you the round of your life! Good luck, you two! GET HYPE FOR XOTIATHON!"


1. Floala was fetched by Suls, and Terence was fetched by Janie.

2. The first competitor to touch the trophy wins the tournament and will receive the prize of their country's choosing.

3. The five levels of floating panels are of varying shapes and white, lightweight but sturdy. They move around in random patterns, and move faster the higher in level they are. The bottom panels are sluggish, the top tier move fairly quickly.

4. The highest level of panels is on level with the higher parts of the dome, and is surrounded by stars.

5. The panels can be easily shifted out of their paths and stacked or shoved in a different direction. They will return to their normal course eventually, but can temporarily be manipulated as a competitor wishes. They are light and due to floating, easy to move around despite their size. However, they cannot be moved much higher or lower than the level they are part of.

6. The teleportation panels are green or red according to the finalists' respective ICH colors. Competitors must touch the panel with their own color to be transported to the level above them. Touching the panel with their opponent's color will transport them to a random panel on the same level.

7. The highest and final level does not have teleportation panels; there is no going back once it is reached, until there is a victory.


Star Pixel by HeroVictimVillain :iconkiwipeach: :iconversusplz: :icontechn0gecko: Star Pixel by HeroVictimVillain


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This event is now closed! Thank you for everyone who participated!

As our final group-wide event, we will be hosting a Christmas collaboration! Anyone who wishes to participate may submit a 400 by 400 pixel ornament involving their character, which will be resized for a giant Christmas tree drawing with an angel Slica at the top.

The due date for these ornaments is 11:49 PM EST time on December 24th. Any group member is free to submit one until that date at any time. The finished result will be posted once all ornaments have been arranged on the tree.

Thanks for participating in our events! We hope you enjoyed the previous ones, and that you will join us in one last hurrah before we reach the end of our Grand Finale.
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It's the season of spooks and scares, and we at Xotiathon are offering a secret santa art exchange for those members who want to sign up!

Signups will be open until 11:59 October 25th EST time, and after that they will close. Everyone will be noted with the name of the person they will be creating a gift for, and gifts will be due by 11:59 EST time November 1st.

You may sign up by noting the group or DMing a judge on discord! Comments do not count.

Gifts may be Halloween themed if you would like, but it is not a requirement. If you have any specific requests for your gift, let us know and we will pass the information on, but please keep requests simple.

Please be sure that you can create a gift for someone in the two weeks given before you sign up; it wouldn't be very fun if someone was left without one!
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The winner of the contest is Theplutt97! Please note AlfaFilly for who you would like drawn for your prize!

To enter this contest, you may draw one of your characters in the costume of another fictional character, either from an in-universe story or a real-world work of your choice. This event is open to all members of the group, including those who did not pass auditions.

Additional cosplay drawings will not be counted as entries and instead placed in the miscellaneous art folder if you wish to submit them.

Submissions are due by 11:59 EST time, September 16th. The contest will close then, and the winner will be posted by 11:59 p.m EST time, September 17th. The winning entry will be picked based on how creative it is.

The prize for winning is a colored headshot by AlfaFilly!

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