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Egyptian Gods.

A private commission for a LARP group based in the UK. Three head-pieces based on Egyptian gods - Ra, Sutekh and Anubis. These are very large leather head-pieces which are worn on the top of the head. The eyes are left open for added effects to be placed in the space, so that they might glow.
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Sun(light),evil and dead.
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These are fantastic!!
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is Anubis's mask for sell ? because I absolutly wanna it ! ! !
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are these for sell? i REALLY WANT THEM!!!!
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Damn, Seth looks so awesome, I hope my mask will look this good aswell.. O.o
Available for purchase?
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Gorgeous! I love the Ra mask. :love:
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omg those are so awesome. i want them soo badly right now :s
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WANT! WANT SO BAD! Also, is that supposed to be Horus or Ra? Cuz it looks like Horus to me
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Amazing work, I think I like Ra the best. The blue and gold are beautiful.
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Oh wow! These are amazing! I like the Yinepu one (as always).
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great masks would love to have
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Was this for the Oddesy larp?
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It was indeed. :D Were you there?
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No, although I have been to the same company's 'maelstrom' game. Were they to do a bronze/iron age game set in Northern europe I'd probably be more interested.
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I know a couple of the guys involved at the planning/writing level, though have never been to one of their LARPs myself.
Small world, ain't it? :D
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yup, internet seems to keep making it smaller still.
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Didn't know you'd at last posted them up, absolutely fantastic work..... they look so very impressive all set out like this, as though they are on display in some Egyptian Exhibition.
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:D ~hugs~ Thanks!
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