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Arrow in the Twilight




it started as an experiment..

this turned out better than expected :D

Layer: 4

time spent: 4 hours

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MLP © Hasbro
Artwork © xormak 
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The Pro's; You have an eye for color and texturing. I love how smooth Twilight looks and the way you have the light play on her figure. The magic effects are a nice touch as well, I can appreciate the amount of work that went into those details.

Distracting elements: The mane and tail are probably the most distracting bits of this piece. While this is a more "realistic" drawing of twilight, the notable lack of the highlights and varying hair color in the original design is hard not to notice. This could easily be fixed though by recoloring strands of hair in the appropriate spots. Adding those little details would make the piece pop more than it already does

room for improvement: A more dramatic pose would of worked better for a picture like this, maybe one where she rears up fully on her hind legs or some other more eye-catching position. The center of interest is a bit off as well, everything in the picture seems to be pointing to the magic drawing the bow than Twilight herself. That may of been the intention; however the effect, while impressively detailed, is not as interesting as other elements in the piece. Twilight would of served as a better center of interest.

That's my personal thoughts on the piece anyway, its still an impressive piece of art regardless.