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Gruze Journal Structure

A quick reference for the structure of the new gruze-style journals (on customisable user pages; see this journal entry for a quick explanation of when deviantART generates gruze-style journals). While I am an Informatics student, and thus used to drawing diagrams, I'm not as good at making it clear and readable as `thespook (whose Journal Structure reference of course inspired this), but it should give you an idea of how the new custom-user-page journals are structured. Though, to be honest, you'll probably get more out of this if you're already familiar with HTML and CSS (and especially if you're already familiar with sleek Journal CSS).

Further references (stolen from `thespook, so they mostly only cover old sleek-style Journal CSS, but there are still good entry points for beginners among them):
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i hate coding, hard to understand TT^TT, i think ill try when im less tired
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Thank you for a helpful resource! :glomp:
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Thank you for this! I'm a total noob at this, and it helps :)
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Is there a text file for this format template available? Would love to copy the greatness you have in the image and then fill in the blanks. :)
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Thanks mate. :)
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Thank you for this. Very helpful!
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I've been looking for something like this for a while. :eager:
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Quite helpful.
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thanks for info..
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So... How would I apply this to a journal?

Say I make my own journal layout (which in reality I have absolutely no idea how)... where do I input the CSS shown?
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You need to be a "premium member" (subscriber), in which case you get the option to edit journal CSS when you create a new journal entry.
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Just wondering if "ungruze" is one of your keywords? Becvause when searching from the search box it returns nothing for this deviation :(
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Whoops, wrong deviation :o
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uh, looks simple :D thnx a lot for clearing it up, this helps me a lot.

Can't wait to make my own Journal skin :D
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s-so confusing 8D
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Very nice and useful. Good work.
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Looks confusing :D
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thank you for saving my time. :p
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
looks a bit confusing :lol:

will the code for the journals stay this way or can it happen that it will change because of bug fixing?
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I have no idea. I would imagine it's relatively stable, seeing as it's in public beta. But you never know.
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
ah ok. i guess i will still wait until it's available for everyone :aww:
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