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Windows100% Model Calendar -Version 2-

EDIT 2017-03-09: Added models for November & December 2016

This is an new version of my previous Windows100% MMD model calendar: Windows 100% Model Calendar

Instead of just updating the old deviation I decided to make a completely new one using a more "simplistic" style. The information added to every model is the same: First row is name of the character, second is model creator and third is the characters origin. Please note I only state the origin and not "most popular appearance" of said character. (For example, Tohoku Zunko is probably most known for being a Vocaloid but she was originally a mascot for the Tohoku earthquake). 

Another thing that's new is that the art featured in the calendar is not by me but by various very talented MMDers here on DA. (If someone does not want their picture to be featured here just say so and I'll remove it). 

Also 2017 is not included in the calendar as no models have yet been released this year. When a new model is released I'll make sure to add it :)

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Great list

They are on June 2011 instead of March 2014……
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Hi, I've been linked to a comment you wrote a few hours ago under EclipsedVisions/ConflictLuka's picture. It was me and my close friends who found out that the model he was showing to the public included game rips (CM3D2), we have detailed screenshots and proof. The person was before known for claiming custom content for The Sims made by various artists as his own. This person has severely harassed my friends, including DokieTako, Beikonated and my other friend who also had a history of harassment involving EV/CL which however focused on her own friend rather than on her. He has severely insulted DokieTaco's pictures in the past saying they're "shit" for the sole fact they contained Overwatch characters and certain pairings. Beikonated (Beikon) found out he has been ripping the Sims custom content meshes and claiming as his own, which lead to significant harassment from him - even in the past few days he has spam-commented her profile from a fake account pointing out how she can't make anything from scratch and how she can't get over a "toxic bitch" involving my close friend (he doesn't know personally) as they had a big argument. Those comments are still on Beikonated's profile, unhidden.
After I told him I found the stolen meshes he has written a few statuses about how everyone who is friends with certain people should f...k off from his page, and he has harassed people basing on who they watch/are friends with.

My picture is featured here (August 2012), after what happened, I'm very sorry, but I don't feel good about it. It's like a stab in the chest, it's a strange feeling when it comes to my work being featured in a gallery of someone who supports EV/CL, or him severely harassing my friends which took part in the past years and in the last few days. After finding out that the meshes have been stolen, I made the callout as it was the least I could do as a payback for him harassing people important to me, and as many people were harassed by him before, they joined.

I would be very thankful if you were able to remove my picture in the future, if you only had time. I'm not happy writing this, and I wouldn't ever expect this to happen, but I couldn't possibly agree for it to be featured in this situation. It feels like a stab in the chest for someone I've known, although not personally, for years to support EclipsedVisions/ConflictLuka after the severe harassment he has done to so many people in this community during the past years, including people close to me. I'm sorry, but it hurts too much to be left silent.
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Wow that was... quite a long text. It took me some time to even understand what you're talking about. 

So basically you found (or was linked) my comment on that Monika model and then assumed I'm supporting ConflictLuka ripping models from CM3D2? Because I said "Don't let stupid people's comments bring you down"? 
First I have to say that I have absolutely no idea about that drama and what was going on. This is the first time I've heard the things you tell me and my only reason for writing "
don't let stupid people's comments bring you down" is because of ConflictLuka telling me his/her version of the story. Of course there's no way for me to tell if it was true or not. I merely tried being supportive when he/she seemed upset about it. I don't know anything about ConflictLukas past and just recently found their DeviantArt account and like what he/she posted (well most of it...). It's normal to write a supportive comment if someone is upset over something isn't it?

So just to be clear I don't support anyone and I never take part in any sort of mmd drama. I just thought it was a pity that a beautiful Monika model wouldn't get released to the public. Even if it's a rip or has parts from CM3D2 there's no denying that it still looks damn good. 

Frankly I don't understand how you could be so upset just over my comments on that deviation. If you read them do I really sound like a supporter? And I also don't understand why you'd go out of your way to find a deviation I made more than a year ago where I featured your artwork and you want it removed now....? Of course I'll respect your decision if you still want it removed, but I ask you to please reconsider and try to see it from my perspective. I understand it's easy when you're upset to act according to your feelings, but give it a little time and I think you'll see that there's really not much reason for us to even have an argument about this in the first place :)
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Hi Xoriu! Is been forever! I think has close their magazine for good. So that was the last model from 2016. So sad. 
Xoriu's avatar
Really? Are you sure? 
I don't understand japanese personally but yeah they seem to have some kind of anniversary magazine out now (1996-2017). Don't know if that's the last one though?
Adrianbrazt10's avatar
I can't say for sure, but it seems like it, it says in the cover "Thank you" and "Good Bye", like they are leaving a thanks for the support they had trough the years... 
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Pika Box- Confused Hi Xoriu, have it new model in the year 2017 Scratch Head ?
Xoriu's avatar
I'm not sure any new model have been released actually :/
DonDeloro's avatar
Oh thank you, i am looking for when i found i send links to you.
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Holy- I didn't know you featured my picture in this. Thank you! Sorry for not noticing it sooner, I only check my dA once in a full moon, haha >W<
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Today upload the win of december nwn en mi DA 
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Thanks for telling me ;) I'll update the chart
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Just thought this might interest you  Annoying Headbanging Trash Dove Facebook Emoticon 
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It is worth to mention that from the official site they have links to purchase old editions up to January of past year (at this point 2016).

This means that older models need to be grabbed either from a "mikumikudanceスターターパック" or from non-official sources.
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Amazing !! thankyou very much for the calendar
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Thank you for featuring my picture , I miss playing Miku Miku dance when I see this :')
Xoriu's avatar
You're very welcome ;) But hmm you miss it? So you've stopped using mmd? :/
ciripahn's avatar
Yes, because I don't have much time to play or make a picture since three  years ago
xXChibi-SenpaiXx's avatar
Thanks for featuring my pics haha 
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Hold up Windows 100% magazine Is still a thing?
Man I've been out of the loop for a while 030)
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Wow long time no see :D
And yeah well I guess it's still a thing... sort of. But as you can see there were significantly less MMD models added to the magazine in 2014-2016 compared to 2010-2013. Maybe the magazine is still going strong but the MMD models added are not as popular as they once was. 
Woobak3D's avatar
Sup! How's it going? ˆˆ
Yeah that's what I noticed too, I suppose people lost interest in them so they just decided to bundle less models with the magazine. Plus there was the whole thing with people sharing the models online and trading them, I suppose that's one of the reasons for them to give out less models as well.
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