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Windows 100% Model Calendar

This calendar is no longer being updated. For new version see here:

  Windows100% Model Calendar -Version 2- by Xoriu
EDIT 12/4 - 15
Added models for July 2011, April & May 2015

EDIT 25/2 - 15
Added models for February & March 2015
EDIT 10/1 - 15
Added models for (August, September, October), November & December 2014 & January 2015

EDIT 13/6 - 14
Added models for March, (April), May, June & July 2014

EDIT 14/1 - 14

Added models for December 2013, January & February 2014
EDIT 16/10 - 13
Added models for October & November 2013
Shrinked size of chart

I guess title is kind of self-explanatory?

This is a little side-project I've been working on for some time: A complete calendar over all currently released models from the Windows 100% magazine.
...Or well, not ALL... as you might notice I've only added one model per month, but in some cases (as with the gdgd Fairies) there are 2-3 models in a pack... but I couldn't make room for them unfortunately.

Also next to the pictures there's information about the models name, creator and origin.. to give some kind of background information.

I'll update this deviation as new models are released ;)
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trixieisawsome's avatar
Does anyone know if you can get the magazines in the UK?
Lili-chii's avatar
ya need to update lol
murumei's avatar
why aren't models released in certain months?
Xoriu's avatar
I guess because the MMD creators hadn't made any models for those months as they were busy with other stuff...?
DonDeloro's avatar
Thank you for update
Adrianbrazt10's avatar
You'll need to update soon~ Emoji13 Emoji08 Emoji06 
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Lolly-M's avatar
i Need Chloe *u*
Kiridiri's avatar
I live in America, is there a way for me to buy the magazines? I hate illegally downloading stuff, especially when I have the money to support them in the first place. 
Here's how to legally get the models and even for cheap prices (around $6 USD):

- Create an Amazon account (amazon from any country works, once created you can reset your password int he JP store and use it to purchase)
- Go to and try to use your new account, if you see an error message in red try to reset your password from there
-- (from within the JP site you can change part of the text to English)
- Once you gain access to download Kindle for any device you want, I preferred PC
- Install and run Kindle and login using your new account using as the server
- Register your Kindle device with the account, it usually happens automatically
- Once registered find any of the Windows 100% magazines that have the "Buy for Kindle" option activated
- Finish the purchase process, I used my credit card which is not a Japanese one so any cc should work
- Once you buy the first one your cc stays registered as the preferred payment method and you can 1-click buy more magazines for your Kindle
- Sync you Kindle to see the purchased Windows100% magazines there (it will start downloading)
- Open the magazine inside Kindle, near the end of the magazine (which goes from right to left) you will see a password in red letters, this is what you use to open the encrypted PDFs and DVDs you can download form the official Windows100% website
- Go to and search the magazine number from the "E-Book" link if it's the one for the current month or from "Back Number" if it's a previous one
- Near the middle of the page you will notice a wide thick red button, click it to popup a list of downloads
- Select from the list where YY is the year, MM is the month and ## is number, there are usually 2 DVD links and the MMD models are always on the DVD #2
--(some of them include updates for the apps and models as individual downloads)
- Open the DVD zip and locate the only folder with the letters "MMD", inside that folder the top folder contains another zip with the model in pmd/pmx/mqo format, it could be in either format
- Everything inside the DVD is encrypted with the same password you get from the Kindle magazine

*Note: in case anyone notices, you can download the unencrypted full PDF version of the magazine which is around 150 MB but that doesn't contain the password for the models, also not all the magazines from amazon have a kindle option, so for those you will have to order them and wait for international shipping which usually is more expensive than the magazine itself.

And that's it, enjoy ;-)
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Some shops are able to order the magazine for you I believe, although I don't live in america myself.
Here's the site if you want to look into it more:
I have ordered both Kindle and physical version from with non-priority shipping they arrive all the way from Japan to the Americas region via DHL within a week, it just a matter of price and how badly you want the magazine or the MMD models for that matter ;-)
Trackdancer's avatar

BTW I did not know that ISAO's Amaha Sora models were Windows100% as I have both and I got them off legitimate Japanese web sites. Oh well, might have been a special promo or something.
Xoriu's avatar
Well, sometimes models that previously were Win 100% later become available for free, like the gdgd fairies for example. Maybe that's the case with Amaha Sora as well o.o

But Happy New Year to you as well ;)
DonDeloro's avatar
thank you for update
and a :HappyNewYear: 
AliceNeet's avatar
*OOO* Sugoi I'm you very well ♥ ♥
Petalofdreams's avatar
Adrianbrazt10's avatar
You will need to update pretty soon in your list. You know when you got them~
kouharada's avatar
I always thought Sora LON's model was released... Like way earlier. 
DonDeloro's avatar
BPMT's avatar
kotonoha is ginjishi's model & not windows 100% ;3
Xoriu's avatar
That's not Ginjishi's, although he also made models of those characters.

Those models I show above are made of kio
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