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The Newb Guide to MMD Model Passwords
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Published: May 5, 2015
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(Can also be applied to motions, stages and whatnot).

Here are the links to the translators I use (except for Google Translate):
nihongo.j-talk.com/ - I mainly use this to convert japanese to romaji
www.whiteagle.net/ -  And this to convert romaji to katakana and hiragana

Japanese Phrases

パスワード: password
パス: pass
ぱす: pass
鍵: key
解凍パス: unzip-password

動画番号: video number
この動画の数字です: number of this video
動画のID: ID of video

sm以下の数字: numbers after sm
smのあとの数字: numbers after sm

...動画内: ...located in video

静画番号: image number
はせいがばんごー: image number
静画の数字: image number

数字のみ: only number
数字部分: numeric part

ひらがな: hiragana
カタカナ: katakana
漢字: kanji
ローマ字: romaji
英語: english

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where do we enter the pass
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I'd love you to death if someone could help me with either of these!


My discord name is Howlcifer#3318
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Can anyone help me with this, please?
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PurpleHazeDistortion|Hobbyist Filmographer

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oof I don't understand it Im sorry Im trying not to ask for the specific password I just want a little help. >.<
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I know you made this in 2015 but I'm just now trying to get into this stuff... but I don't understand what they want with this 
Hiragana + game name full-width Ten Kana characters + Hiragana 2 characters )
I don't understand what to translate 
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I'm not asking for specific passwords but what if there's a model on bowlroll that does not have an original niconicovideo link?
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FanOfYanSim|Student Traditional Artist
like this model bowlroll.net/file/122552
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ultrawaveautobot|Hobbyist Digital Artist
well i need help to find the pass word to this mmd model of autobot jazz can you help me please here is the link to it ---> ux.getuploader.com/13155/downl…
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Something you might want to add:
Some creators will upload ZIPs of their models and not put a DL password on but inside the ZIP is another ZIP that has a password. 
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Xoriu|Hobbyist General Artist
I've added the word to the description :) Thanks for telling me about it!
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NP, thank you for all you've done for the MMD community!
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Thank you very much! Its help many.
Excellent Guide. lol :D
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Do you know why there has to be all of these things just to download a model. I want to appreciate the effort it took to make the model and work wonders using it but just guessing the right password can make you realize how silly it can be.
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Too many authors had their work stolen and/or misused. It was a logical countermeasure. Leaving hints and clues to passwords makes users, both foreign and native, to look through their other posts. Increasing page hits, getting twitter/video views/likes.
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AzumiOctania25|Hobbyist General Artist
Is it possible that number of Nico Blomaga can be password too?
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SliverStars|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a few questions.. what does it means for katakana three characters? or Hiragana three or four characters?
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Xoriu|Hobbyist General Artist
It means there are 3 "letters" or "signs" in the word. 
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very helpful thanks
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Thank You :)
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r-cx|Hobbyist Interface Designer
this is really helpful, thank you
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bluepikachu92|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a suggestion for a translator if people want to use it. ( www.babelfish.com/ )
The website is called babelfish and it's the most accurate translator I have used^^
They are constantly updating the website as far as I know.
It also has a few other languages other than Japanese.
I hope that people may find this helpful^^
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Xoriu's avatar
Xoriu|Hobbyist General Artist
Thankyou very much for the suggestion ;) I will look into it!
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JuanPapi03|Hobbyist Filmographer
When they say "DL key is different" do they mean a different password or language?
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