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MMD Prisma Hair Texture

Long time since I did anything other than... well feature Win100% models :P

Know about the app Prisma?
For those that don't it's a photo editing app where you can apply filters to your photos to make them look like paintings essentially.
It's pretty good in my opinion and some time back I used it on Tda Miku to make some interesting alternative texture variants: 

TDA Prisma Miku Pack DL by Xoriu

This time I decided to try various filters on the hair texture only, and so I got the idea to make this texture pack and put it up for download.
(The preview picture took sooo much longer to make than the actual textures tbh xD).

No need to credit me really, but it would be nice if you did just so I can see what you make with them :)
Feel free to edit them as you like, change the colors or whatever, but only distribute on a finished model.

Download to the right ---->

...And if anyone asks about the names, it's just the names of the respective filters from the app.
And no these are not ALL the filters available (there are a lot) but only those I thought looked nice and/or interesting.

I also tried the filters on the Tda face texture, so if people are interested in getting those too just let me know.

Base used in the preview was made by xioromii
© 2018 - 2021 Xoriu
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dl'd, thank you!!

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Thanks for the DL!!!

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But I like the hair texture!
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wow that's interesting c:
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thota, portrait and mind <3 im not even a big fan of pink but i adore the greens alot
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Omg these are beautiful; Thanks for sharing!
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These are beautiful!
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I like Mononoke and Electric the most
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Wow these textures are so pretty 😍
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does this came from god?
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Sweet goodness! These are such unique textures!
I love hunter and golden!
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Thanks for making these.
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