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Ok, so... this might be a proof that I have no life XD

It's a chart with facials found on models in MMD ;) At first I just wanted to make this for myself (as I need to fix facials on some models) but decided to upload it as well, if anyone would find it helpful.

If anyone wants it the picture (in it's original huge size) can be downloaded together with a text document with a list of all facials and their corresponding japanese names. You might need to install apploc or change your locale to japanese before opening the document, (as it contains japanese letters) but I'm not too sure. If by any chance you can't open it, here's the list of the facials (for easy copy-pasting):


まばたき - Blink
笑い - Smile
ウィンク - Wink
ウィンク右 - Wink-a
ウィンク2 - Wink-b
ウィンク2右 - Wink-c
なごみ - Howawa
はぅ - > <
びっくり - Ha!!!
じと目 - Jito-eye
キリッ - Kiri-eye
はちゅ目 - O O
星目 - EyeStar
はぁと - EyeHeart
瞳小 - EyeSmall
瞳縦潰れ - EyeSmall-v
光下 - EyeUnderli
恐ろしい子! - EyeFunky
ハイライト消 - EyeHi-off
映り込み消 - EyeRef-off
喜び - Joy
わぉ?! - Wao?!
なごみω - Howawa ω
悲しむ - Wail
敵意 - Hostility


あ - a
い - i
う - u
え - e
お - o
あ2 - a 2
ん - n
▲ - Mouse_1
∧ - Mouse_2
□ - □
ワ - Wa
ω - Omega
ω□ - ω□
にやり - Niyari
にやり2 - Niyari2
にっこり - Smile
ぺろっ - Pero
てへぺろ - Bero-tehe
てへぺろ2 - Bero-tehe2
口角上げ - MouseUP
口角下げ - MouseDW
口横広げ - MouseWD
歯無し上 - ToothAnon
歯無し下 - ToothBnon


真面目 - Serious
困る - Trouble
にこり - Smily
怒り - Get angry
上 - UP
下 - Down

(I should maybe also mention that these are not ALL the facials this particular model had, but decided to narrow it down a little. The facials that are missing are not very "common" ones and some of them did barely any difference. Also, I did not use any "grey/general" facials as I just wanted to stick to facials that can be used on almost all models).

TDA Miku Append is by TOUKO-P and can be downloaded from here: [link]
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PrettySkitty16|Student General Artist

My model has no pink for the mouth.... ;-; It's a non talking character, I can't find where his mouth part is

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tailsluver29|Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you for this so helpfull! :D
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DCFan2004|Professional Artist
So, how do I get these facials to work on MMD models?
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JosueMMD13's avatar
JosueMMD13|Student Filmographer
Just Re-Name
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DCFan2004|Professional Artist
Well, O K. Thanks for the help.
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3xc4l1bur's avatar
Nice chart, dude. How does it work?
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LluijiMMD's avatar
It’s a chart reference for modelers.
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3xc4l1bur's avatar
I know that it's a chart reference, but I want to know how does it work.
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LluijiMMD's avatar
O_O...... you literally just said it.
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Gimneymations|Student General Artist
thanks this will really help me with my avatars for vrchat Clap 
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Riveda1972Edited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks a lot for this work. I've used it a lot when developing my model's expressions, and also I've taken inspiration from this table to publish the full list of facials available in my base :)

[MMD] Meet Caprica Six: Mouth expressions chart by Riveda1972
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Xoriu|Hobbyist General Artist
Impressive! I'm glad my chart was of some use ;)
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Spontahneeus's avatar
I can never find the bero-tehe one does anyone know if it's called something else?
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Riveda1972|Hobbyist Digital Artist
just use a model with poseable tongue and you won't need any bero/pero/anything specific morph :D

[MMD] Meet Caprica Six: Mouth expressions chart by Riveda1972
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Chilkad|Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's just tongue/tongue to the side
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Leillada|Hobbyist Artist
People are asking for the grey one facials so maybe I'll write all of them here-
照れ - Blush
涙 - Tears
輪郭 - Chin
がーん - Worry
メガネ - Glasses
ねこみみ - Nekomimi
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Waltervd|Hobbyist Digital Artist
what does worry do tho ? 

( using this list for original models )
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Leillada|Hobbyist Artist
It's Worry aka Shadow and it looks like this
Scrnsht by Leillada
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Waltervd|Hobbyist Digital Artist
oooooo its that ouo
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StekinoMai|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!-
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NekoMsRei|Hobbyist Artist
Aa thank you I need it! ♦w♦
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DakuneNoelia022|Hobbyist General Artist
thank you so much •w•
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It is very useful  !
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koiishinnumber2|Hobbyist Digital Artist
wait so how do i use it :w:?
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