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[link] This is the original Artwork by M.C. Escher.

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Well, the perspective looks even weirder when it's pixelized. Nice job, anyway.
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This is really nice! I like how you made it black&white. It's not like everyday, you see black and white pixel art. Nice work! :)
rdx86's avatar
Awesome work :)
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I always told that if Escher would be born in the computer era, his earliest works (not thoke like this one you got inspiration from) would have been in pixel art! :+fav:
Yukiru's avatar
escher, what a classic!
DarthSpikeinator's avatar
A brilliant piece of work! Good job!
phatom's avatar
you shoul do realativity :highfive:
XoRe3k's avatar
I'm working on belvedere right now - it's gonna be pretty cool, I'd say - I have a pretty good feeling about it :)

Hopefully it'll be out during this or next week :)
phatom's avatar
im a watch you cause i wanna see it k.
XoRe3k's avatar
happymaster's avatar
Animiertes Wasser wär jetzt noch genial! :D
escanive's avatar
I love Eschers works, you did a great job pixeling it :+fav:
Doomsday-Device's avatar
Who knew the golden triangle could be conveyed so well through pixel art?
EliseMary's avatar
Simply amazing. I adore the shading and I am so impressed by the water. I love gray scale!
zacthetoad's avatar
Nice job, interesting to see the shading on gray scale. :)
asbestosmatt's avatar
Great piece, an amazing pixel art work
Prince-of-Lachkeys's avatar
wow thats amazing a pixel vision, how stunning is that!! did you do it in gray scale or was it in color at one time and you switched it over?
XoRe3k's avatar
thank :) No, it's done completely in grayscale, what made it a lot harder to do, since you're pretty limited in shading, if you know what I mean :P
ar-ra's avatar
very good job!

this picture always gives me a headache lol
mb-neo's avatar
I just can say: Great job :thumbsup:
ya90ya's avatar
amazing:wow: great job:thumbsup: The detail is awesome, very creative:nod:
XoRe3k's avatar
thanks for the fav :)
bloodyslash's avatar
hihi das original(als kopie) hing bei uns riesen groß in der schule rum! finds geil :D
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