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Klimmen en Dalen

[link] This is the original Artwork by M.C. Escher.

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wonderful just wonderful, such detail, truly a great example of how great pixel art can be.
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Geilm gemacht! Echt! :D
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wow echt crass! da steckt bestimmt jede Menge Arbeit drin! Hut ab!
icarus-ica's avatar
very well done :)
echt gut umgesetzt ! war sicherlich ne menge arbeit...

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I was amazed by this piece (it has been one of my favs for a while), but I have just made my first pixel piece and only now can I really appreciate all the "blood, sweat and tears" people put into pixel art - especially this piece!
jmb2371's avatar
thats excellent, Eschers drawings and cuttings are my favorite, oh, thanks for the favorite too.
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wow, this is really tight work
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Nice work man :)
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This is amazing, recognized Escher right away :)
3vil-Bunny's avatar
Any other Escher pieces? I adore him :heart: !
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It's incredible how after almost 2 years, you just have so little favs on this master piece. Thanks god, a saw it in someone fav galery, fantastic job !
dapejn's avatar
fette Sache, echt gut gemacht. Ich mag Escher.. vielleicht machst du noch mal irgend eins ?
stiffy-'s avatar
I really, really like this piece :) :thumbsup:
sirspy's avatar
:headbang: Escher fucking rocks! I'm vectorizing a piece of his called 'relativity' right now, this is very awsome pixel translation, I have a big ass poster of this one I've been meaning to frame.
sundel's avatar
Genial~! Ich liebe Pixel Art, und dieses Bild hat obendrein noch den M.C. Escher Bonus!! XD
kLeZk's avatar
looks very cool. how long do you spent on it? it looks a little bit medieval and with a touch of "arabia". but its a great pxl-work :)
basementman's avatar
awesome job!!
i love it :D
badkid's avatar
wow.. great work!
a difficult one..
gendred's avatar
dude, you rule ;) awesome awesome awesome attention to detail
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