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Sore winner

By xonxt
My entry for Day 8 of the NATG 3. The task was to draw a pony playing a game or a pony winning. Well, why not both?

This is a little crossover between Gamer Luna and Button Mash. Don't worry, she'll apologize later, after the initial high of winning passes.

Ugh, I really don't like how Luna turned out. This is a difficult pose to draw. I should put more effort into drawing my favorite character. Then again it was m first time drawing her.

Original character designs belong to Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye:

Button Mash belongs to JanAnimations.
Gamer Luna belongs to :iconjohnjoseco:
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Luna: Get gud scrub!
Button: ...
mlpdeviart's avatar
thou has made me very happy:bouncyhai: 
Fox-Ink's avatar
luna is my favorite as well but unfortunately I cant draw very well so...... I like it.
tacoman2341's avatar
him crying gets serious laughs from me
Masao114's avatar
Button Mash, Thou art royally pwned! :P
websplorer's avatar
Spartan Assault:nosebleed:  DOUBLE KILL!
Luna: Huzzah! The kill has been doubled!

Persona22's avatar
Aha! Do not feel bad, fair Button Mash, thou cannot beat 1000 years worth of experience.
royal-phoenix's avatar
Silnev's avatar
Here is an excellent example of a sore winner:…
TorturedArtist745's avatar
Don't feel bad, Button. Beating the Princess of the Night at video games is as impossible as beating Rainbow Dash at a race.
ChaoticNote's avatar
Wasn't Gamer Luna originally a concept from somewhere else on the internet?
xonxt's avatar
Don't know, but Joseco's blog is the first place where I saw her.
ChaoticNote's avatar
I think the concept of Gamer Luna started either on Reddit or 4chan.
karkovice1's avatar
I guess the only worse than being a sore loser is being a sore WINNER. =P
xonxt's avatar
Dunno, I was trying to make a pun :D Ponies love dem puns
zuki12013's avatar
LUNA!!!!!!!!!!!:angry: YOU MADE BUTTON CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ABronyAccount's avatar
Looks like button mashing wasn't going to work against Luna.
DarkAmethyst1's avatar
aww so cute :P keep up the great work

Silnev's avatar
in the end I win because XBOX 360 SUCKS IN COMPARISON TO THE MIGHT THAT IS THE PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TVnGames's avatar
Real mature comment there.
No system is perfect.
Besides, old PS3 sucks compare to the new PS3 and Xbox 360.
Sony was only thinking about the money and NOT the consumers when they're first making PS3, FYI.
Silnev's avatar

:iconfyiplz: like I give a shit about your "mature" comment.

Shadowhedgiefan91's avatar
PS3 sucks, get over it.
TVnGames's avatar
Old PS3 sucks. The new PS3 is better.
Also, no system is perfect.
Silnev's avatar
:iconorlyowlplz: I disagree with that statement. But as I can't be fucked to give you the mountain of reasons why ps3 is better then 360 and wii u or the 1 or 2 reasons why it is better then pc, I suggest you agree to disagree or more preferably agree with my opinion.
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