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Hiei fanart from Yu Yu Hakusho!

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etar game kheltam ami choto belay tv video game e , xD
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I would love to see the entire Spirit Detective gang in your style! I love this dramatic look, the wind, the light effect, the ARM WITH THE DRAGON OF THE DARKNESS FLAME coming out :heart:
I also really love the Genkai one! I will leave the comment on that one too. ANYWAYS, this is amazing! Keep up the awesome work! I hope, if you ever do draw them, that I get to see Yusuke, Kurama, and Kuwabara~
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The Drama and coloring is great in this piece. But the anatomic perspective is really off.. I would look at Hieis right arm coming forward... Viewers left.
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Hmm... I'm still struggling to  bring the effect in my drawings that should suggest a more accurate camera positioning, BTW a scribble to show what you meant would be really appreciated( a rough edit on this pic would do m(_ _)m)
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I could possible do that.. I mean, I hope your not offended or anything. Your work it great. I just try to offer some creative criticism.
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No no , not at all :D, being a self taught  artist ,I do realize i'm lacking in a lot of things , so any critic and suggestion is always welcome  \(^o^)/
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Stunning and amazing!
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dragoooon of the darkneees flaaaaaaame!

YuYu Hakusho was a great anime.
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Wow. I like the feeling in the picture. Its so intense. His poss is so awesome.
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Yyyyaaaaaaaaassssssssssss! Love this show:)
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He looks AWESOME xong!!! I love this YYH series!!! 
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While I've never actually WATCHED Yu Yu Hakusho, I can remember some good times playing Tournament Tactics on my old Gameboy. Good times, goooood times.
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what was the point of making him so short in the show haha
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To make you think he wasn't that strong when he first appeared in the show.
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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU DID HIM!!! YOU ACTUALLY DREW HIM!! This looks awesome xong;) nice job on his expression and the effects, it looks great^^ I sure hope you're doing kurama next or yusuke;)
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