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Eva from Oban star racers

Eva from Oban star racers anime
Used to watch it when we were kids in Jetix channel , the  songs were so good and the animation as well  *o* . Didn't get to see  the last few episodes though , they removed jetix form our cable X'V
This will be on patreon for the month of november  , with Christmas by xong and a yuri piece  e.e
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You definitly have to watch the end of the anime or you will regret it for the rest of your life. Stunning work though.
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A shame there isn't more fanart of her and the show, so I'm glad you have done one of Eva (Either Way), aka Molly! I saw Oban Star-Racers at the Annecy Animation Festival just before it aired, or Molly Star-Racer as it was known at the time... still have the original cel shaded trailer for the show :) :+fav:
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She looks stunninggg <3
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obon star racers😍👏
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Is Stunning!!
gio this series was epic......seirosly Disney WTF were is more of this and super robot monkey team hyperforce go!!!
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Ohmygosh this is gREAT!!
Omg this brings back so many memories! I loved that show and Eva/Molly was such a joy! This is so well drawn, you did her justice!

psst bro u can find the whole list of episodes on YouTube, they're totally worth it
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Man this was my show back in the day,defiantly underrated
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What an amazing job!
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you can watch every episode on youtube :)
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Hell to the YEAH! I love Obama Star Racers.

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I loved the show, beautiful work here.
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Fantastic fanart and Oban was awesome!
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You can find the episodes on the net.
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Haven't seen her in forever! Oban ending theme is best sleep music xD
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The colors are awesome!
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Wow that is excellent 
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NIce interpretation, she looks good with a nose XD

Shading is great as well.
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I like blue shadows !!! wheee !!! *punches the fav button*
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Oban Star Racers! 
Oh my, last time I saw this series I was just a little cub! xD 
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