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Gigantic wormhole in space.

also testing out a new way to color a star field :)
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i also love your work and would like to spread it further.... may I? please? it's for music / spiritual awakening purposes......
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I'm trying to reach you regarding using your work for a poster announcing a science talk ... left a message here and in what I think is your Facebook page. Please let me know!
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feebonacci Photographer
Nice job , Me and my Star citizen (video game) are interested to use this in a non profit way for our logo and website , with credits of course. Would you be on board?

Best Regards , Feebz. Faved !
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 i was looking for a cool wormhole in my star trek attack wing games, this looks great, can i use it?
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Any chance I could get a copy of this of just the wormhole without the background to use in an indie iPhone game I'm making. You would be credited for the art in the app. Let me know!
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Looks similar to the wormholes you see in the game Spore
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Ivain7Student Interface Designer
wow! that's awesome! Mind if I use it as a sig?
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ZurthuryxProfessional Writer
Great art. This looks incredibly realistic.
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Wow, awesome!! Since I first played Conquest: Frontier Wars I fell in love with wormholes. ^^
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XolarixHobbyist General Artist
Thanks! :D
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You're welcome! :)
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Awesome stuff! I'm starting a science fiction review blog and this would be great for the gateways section. Would you mind if I used it and I can link back to you?
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XolarixHobbyist General Artist
Thanks ^^,

I'm fine with you using it, as long as you don't get a profit from your site.
And of course, I would like to see credit given to me.

Can you link me the site when you're done? :)
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Oh trust me there won't be any profits, haha. Send you the link when it's up.
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Wow dude that looks quite cool ! make a tutorial ;-; ?

tho i must say, thats my oppinion btw XD but i disslike the red stars on the background v_v. But still a impressive art work dude !
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L0rdDrakeHobbyist Digital Artist
Awsome! :D
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