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February 5, 2010
The suggester says: ''When I first saw this I asked myself: Why isn't this a DD yet? I absolutely love it! This artist is one of my favs for typography." Anorexia by *UncleMontezuma
Featured by Sander-Seto
Suggested by B-e-t-t-i-e
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Approximately 11 people in 100,000 develop anorexia nervosa each year.

1-2 percent of young women are thought to be anorexic at any one time.

It doesn't have to happen.


If you like this, please take some time to check out the work of wordboner. This massive influence is stunning and well worth your time.


They even do shirts. Please take some time to have a look! :)



I :love: absolutely everyone who even displays an interest in this piece. You really have no idea how happy this has made me...

~yamifan101 especially, much loveeee <3333333 and ^Sander-Seto as well for finding it feature-worthy...

OMG excuse me while I go mad and fly around the room. :dummy: THANKYOUTHANKYOU
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We are all forced by the society to be thin... thin... thin...
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At least your icon made me feel better!
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glad i found this, i suffer from anorexia, eating disorders are a lot more common then people realize, and i wish everyone that suffers from these illnesses could recover-anorexia has one of the highest mortality rates of any psychological illness, its an awful condition to live with
Hi, I'm a french girl, I'm making a report on Anorexia, and I was wondering if I could put your add in my magasin (please say yes, it's really important). So, if you're okay with this idea, or if you want to learn more about my project send me a message:
I need your Copyright!

Thanks for your attention, xoxo. :)
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very good question! I think the whole society has such a great influence on us these days!
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I've met people like that, and it's really sad. I don't like it.. my aunt is like... pretty much anorexic sadly... I don't like it, it's very sad to look at ;-;

I'm so glad that someone could put something like this here, many people need to understand how serious and common this disease actually is! I mean... sometimes I think I'm fat, but then I remember, I have muscle, not fat, and I'm actually skinny. It's just when I see my wide hips and thighs, I don't like it, but I know I'm beautiful <3 So thank you for putting this up, you make an excellent point!
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I just learned about a week ago my bestfriend is on boarder line anorexia. I'm really nervous now, whenever I'm over at her house I freak out when she doesn't eat. :'(
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:( I hope you can get through to her.
FlooffyEars's avatar
I've tried, her younger brother calls her fat, she weighs literally 80 pounds and she is 5'4 and a teenager. I weigh more than her and i'm about 3 inches shorter.
Oseltamivir's avatar
um... are her parents completely oblivious? someone needs to get this girl psychological help. if she continues down this path she will die.
FlooffyEars's avatar
Yes I have talked to her, and she has actually gotten better.
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and kids dying because they dont have food : / so sad u_u
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I know, right?
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This is really powerful & meaningful, I love :love: that you made this piece. I suffered from Anorexia back in the early 2000's and it's a confusing, dark & self-depreciating disease, people need to be made aware of how it manifests and presents so that they can help prevent & treat it in their family & friends.
Thank you so much for making this beautiful typography piece ♥ It's eloquent and profound, hopefully it will inspire and touch the D.A. community and beyond! :earth:
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Someone I used to be very close with went anorexic and paranoid, to the point she almost completely pushed me out of her life. I worry about her because she's so down on herself and depressed all the time on top of the self starving. Shes only 15 as well...
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Jesus! u dont know how right u r!..anorexia is a big deal that ppl usually ignore..

good work!
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