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Deviation Actions

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I have some people falsely accusing me of my work not being my own because I have the ability to copy what I see before me directly. Nevermind my talent, just accuse me of tracing because something lines up. Nevermind that I have MANY witnesses to me drawing freehand, including people who sat right next to me and watched.

Nevermind any of that....

Also, keep in mind I have not given them any permission to save my works to their desktop. They have no permission of any kind from me.

With that being said, I'm storing all of my stuff, not because of what they say is true, but because I'm sick of providing proof for people who just want to start arguments and HARASS me on EVERY website or way of communication either directly or indirectly through friends and friends mules. They've posted on my deviations and I've disabled comments. I've blocked them and everyone they've sent every where I can, but I'm done with dealing with morons.

I'm sorry to those of you who like to watch me stream, if you feel like piping up to them then by all means do. But PLEASE don't stoop to their level and cause arguments. I want everyone to be civil.

Their link: forum.deviantart.com/art/gener…

I have many screenshots of their harassment as well as some from friends/innocent bystanders they harassed unjustly.

Thank you all for being there for me.

I love you all.

P.S: Also note that these people have gone through great lengths to try to vilify me in every way. I have not directly lashed out at any of them. Nor have I gone out of my way to contact them.

EDIT: One of the notes I've received on DA, copied at pasted word-for-word. It starts from the bottom up. According to this person I'm being snappy and giving attitude, but I haven't said anything like that. I've also NEVER said that I never use references, whenever I use to stream and post live tutorials I always encouraged people to use references.

"Soulia said the following:

I have a problem with somebody who uses copyrighted photos as reference , and who asks for 100 dollars per commission. But I will not be the one who exposes you, I am sure the people who contacted me about this is far more angry at you.

But fi you could draw live and prove that you do not trace, then I am sure they will be happy

xoFoxyGirlox said the following:

I just asked a question? I'm not fighting or anything. I'm curious.

Soulia said the following:

I do not think , I know. Listen I will not hang you out or start a fight about it.
But remember this : If you use photos as reference, rather come clean now before people does post your art on some tracing blog and send the horse-men of the anti-tracing your way.

Best is to be honest rather then to lie

xoFoxyGirlox said the following:

What reference do you think that I used? I'm curious."
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"Because I do not use reference." Really? More like, because I do not talk like that. Nice try though. Lolololololololol

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