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Princess Luna in Ebony: Harvest Moon

Another fixed mane Luna, this one is the second part of a commission for :iconhurricanechiela:.

Starting off, I've got to say that I didn't like the shape this piece was taking. Although it is largely a redone version of Luna: Dark of Night, I didn't like the shape of the body, and some laminating flaws were bothering me. As things went on, though, the body worked itself out, and the cracking was solved in the end. Now, my major problems with this piece are the way the mane covers her face on her right side, and the fastening on her tail. Her tiara isn't up to much either. I would have liked the tail to have a little more...depth, but I couldn't really see how to make it thicker without making it look incredibly heavy. Ebony is pretty tough to convey nebulous-ness (nebulosity?) with as it is.

On the other hand I am quite pleased with her wings and boots. They're true Luna booties, rather than the taller, sharper Nightmare Moon boots from Dark of Night, and I thought it might be tough to make them stand out from the legs, but they seem to be quite acceptable. Her wings , though, I really like. They were one of my main disappointments in Dark of Night, looking too small an sharp. One of my favorite aspects of Luna from the show is that she has these huge, heavily curved wings, huge feathered that don't just open-they unfold and frame her. This pair was made extra large and, an added (mostly unintentional) bonus, they are just wafer thin. One of my more delicate pairs, if I say so myself, hopefully I'll be able to start doing them like this more consistently. Her horn also has a nice double spiral, which, although it isn't canon, is a lovely pattern and a little trickier to do.
On the whole, I'm calling this one a win. Next up, a walnut manticore-rarr!

Want to see more of this piece? Why not watch the woodworking process in her offsite work in progress gallery or see more pictures of her including detail shots and various angles in her expanded gallery.

Princess Luna and My Little Pony belong to Hasbro.
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I think that this piece is amazing! So original, smooth and bumpy ( that adds antique value), and truly stunning and true to the show! I always enjoy your work, and I hope many other people do too! Your talent is amazing (as you have heard) and your ideas are so original! So cool! So fun! And you are also so nice! I can't believe that this had to be a hundred words, so I am rambling... LONG story short, you are amazing at carving, as you can see by all of my fav's, and you deserve these five stars!