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Nightmare Moon Minifigure in Ebony

Like the title says, this ebony minifigure is a free Halloween giveaway prize. For a chance to win her, just leave a comment of any sort on this page. That's it; no strings attached. Shipping is free to US, Canada and the UK. If you live in some faraway and magical realm like Switzerland but still want to enter, please mention in your comment that you are willing to pay for shipping. Sorry, I'm just too poor to handle big mailing fees these days. Contest ends Sunday at 11:59p US Central time, at which point I'll number the comments and draw from a hat to see who gets the minifigure.

Or even, minifigurine I suppose. Egads, but she is small. Since they come in all different poses and whatnot, the easiest way to measure my ponies is by head diameter. And my normal ponies have a head diameter of about 2.5-3.25 centimeters. Nightmare Moon here, on the other hand has a head diameter of just under .8 centimeters. Minus the hair, she fits inside of a small matchbox.
I had such fun making Luna with shaped hair, that I wanted to try again, with another Halloweeny pony, but ebony is criminally expensive these days, so I decided, as long as I was making a minifigure, to make a miniminifigure so that I could use my scrap ebony from previous ponies. On the whole I think she came out all right. Very angular cuts, a misshapen face, and not quite as much detail as I wanted, but on the other hand I was pushing myself to get as much detail as I did. Perhaps I'd improve if I did miniatures like this regularly. Certainly getting mm wide details in was crazy fun, and the feathering on the wings was fun to work out as well.

Want to see more of this pony? Check out the work in progress gallery to watch her come together, or see more of the finished product in her expanded gallery.

Nightmare Moon and My Little Pony belong to Hasbro.
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