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I am a university student maybe soon to graduate! I am obsessed with cute stuff so I make plushies! I also like lolita fashion.

Favourite Movies
Lots lots lots!
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
311!! :3
Favourite Games
Phoenix Wright! :P
Tools of the Trade
sewing stuff :P
Other Interests
Anything cute! :D
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Hey everyone! I am posting to show that I am still active somewhat XD I have been making plushies but I just haven't been uploading here. As usual, I am more active on Facebook so if you want more updates definitely follow me there :P https://www.facebook.com/xofifiplushies I am going to try to post here in the next couple weeks but posting on FB is so easy from my phone that I just neglect this page T-T To be fair, I have been a little absent from there lately too because I have been so busy with school work! I was also working a lot of hours but now I have finally complained enough about it at work to get less hours XD I want money but oh
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Wooo new month, new journal! I have been very good about updating my Facebook page according to my schedule (wednesdays and saturdays). I haven't posted anything new here though because I haven't really made any complete plushies recently! I feel like I should only post complete things here and not any previews or anything like that. If you would like to see previews here too though let me know. Right now there is a coupon for Valentine's day in my etsy shop! Use code LOVE14 for 10% off! It is good through February 14th. Check out the shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/XOFifi I will hopefully be able to post some new things to the shop t
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Hey everyone! I have made it a goal to update my facebook page every Wednesday and Saturday so I am hoping that I can work out some kind of schedule to post at least once a week here too. I have been sewing a lot and making new things, I just keep neglecting to post them here! I am going to make it a goal though. I think if I do once or twice a week here, then even when I take a bit to make a new one, I will still have things to post! I don't know how often I will be updating the journal because I usually don't have much to say unless it has been a while. So I am really planning on just uploading new plushies and only updating the journal li
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I think I bought 2 plushies from you at SnafuCon they where a g1 Twilight and Firefly?
I brought your Animal Crossing girl cutie plushie, today. :D I hope you shipped it to me right now.
Hey, guess what, I'm getting for Easter?! :O
What is it? :D 
Also sorry about the late reply, I have been very busy with school lately DX 
I saw your journal the other day, I hope you are feeling better! :)
Thanks! Right now, I am better. My mommy is getting me a bank account as an Easter gift! And I'm really excited for that! That means I'm getting a checking account and a Visa card or a Debit card. So, I don't have to go out and buy new Visa cards all the times. That's what she told me. :D And I made Animal Crossing New Leaf magnets for my Etsy shop, so people can buy them! I was thinking of making Animal Crossing plushies for my Etsy shop for people to buy them off my Etsy shop. And it's hard to decide a clothes for the girls and for the boys. I need a lot of fabrics, felts, hot glue gun and stuffing. (Since I already have stuffing at my house.) I never have a hot glue gun at my house before, but I want it so bad for making things. And I can't wait til I get a bank account on Easter! But on Saturdays and Sundays where I live, it'll be closed. So, I'm thinking of getting it as an early Easter gift.
Yay! That is really exciting! It is a lot of responsibility to manage your own money but it is also really satisfying! 
I can't wait to see the magnets! I also hope you make some more plushies soon! It is tough to decide how to customize the characters. Especially since in the new game there are so many different kinds of clothes and accessories that you can choose, plus hair and hair color and face. 
I hope you get your glue gun and supplies so that you can get started! :)
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Hey, Frances. Since last year on December and today, I was about to buy your plushies at your shop on Etsy, but I have a problem with my visa card. Because I made a shop called ToadetteCutie Shop and I did the billing and it needs to get paid. And my shop needs a routing number and account number. And I text my mommy that my card has a problem, because my shop needs to get paid. :hmm: