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Iceman Photography - Logo

By xo
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Before I started designing this logo, I checked several photography websites. That way I got into a photography-mood.

While I browsed through several photographers' websites, I noticed that a lot of them had a typographical logo. Most of those logos are very beautiful, but are not very original. That's why I wanted to work with a "graphical logo".

I designed this logo focussing on the capturing process.

I worked with squares. These squares represent pixels, photos, perfection. To visualize the capturing process I searched for shapes in the photography-world. A picture of a camera's bracelet caught my attention, as I emidiatelly recognised my squares in the structure of the bracelet. What you see now is the result of combining that bracelet's shape with the squares. The bracelet in the logo might as well represent the whole lens ofcourse.

The capturing process
The pixels (the squares) get caught, collected (moving in the same direction) and combined (into two rows) in the lens (rounded shape).

The rounded shape represents Iceman's photographical collection, that's growing, picture by picture.

Look and feel
Although there's a mass of meaning behind this logo, I kept the logo clean and professional. The image used in this logo offers a huge amount of possibilities. For animation (rotative website for example), for the use as a watermark, ...

I hope you enjoy this logo as much as I enjoyed working on it!


Result: Winner! :winner:
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Hello XO!!

big up for the logo!!!

I do like it, xpecially the black&white classic version!

I would like to use it for my photographic activity!! How can I purchase it?
Is there a donate button or similar??

May I receive the vector file too? SO I manage better different sizes!

thanks a lot!
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HI Thomas, this logo is not for sale. As mentioned in the describtion, I made this logo for a contest. I won this contest and the logo is now officially owned by Iceman. Result: I can't send you the vector files, nor can I create a logo that looks nearly identical. That would be disrespectful towards the contestholder, Iceman.

I appreciate the kind words and if you're interested in working with me, you can send me a note. That way we can work on your logo using a brand new concept fitting your needs! Hope to hear from you :)
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very big compliments for you graphic style! especially for this works I do appreciate the multi levels of meanings you gave to the logo!
I wonder if I could use it to create a personal logo for my photographic activity.
I like the black logo more!
do you have the vectorials so that I can use illustrator?

How can I purchase the black logo? is there any donate button or similar?

thank you very much!
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HI Thomas, as mentioned in my other reply, I can't sell this logo to you.
I am interested in working on a brand new logo for you though.
Please contact me by note if you're interested in working with me :)
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Thank you! :]
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I can see you know the effort and process that goes into logo design. I see so many logo deviations here without explanations - it's quite refreshing to someone thinking it through and giving us a glimpse of what he's thinking. Kudos for your design/though process. :)

As for the log itself: I like it quite a bit. Not overly complex, and I like the motion in the graphic. Also good is the very slight gradient in the full color one - it gives a bit of flair to it, but is still clean. The colors lend to the 'Iceman' feel as well.

But with the good comes the...well...not as good. ;) Just two things really.
I'm not too fond of the drop shadow on the full color version: I just plain think it would look better without it.
Also the alignment is a bit iffy to me I think because of the pixels coming off of the graphic.

All in all though, very good! I like it.
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Hi Blue Pepper,

Thanks for the feedback! :) Every once in a while I check my own gallery and get back to this piece. You might be right about the shadow, although I think that it depends on how you look at it. If you think of the logo as a "flying" ring, it would be better of without the shadow.

On the other hand, the shadow gives a nice landing effect. Making it easy to place the logo next to, say, some text (horizontal logo). I guess that's why I decided to keep the shadow and leave it optional for Iceman :] (I will update the above picture though (remove the shadow). First I need to pick it from my external HD.)

With the alignment, you mean that the pixels don't fly in an oval?
If they would, the pixel effect would look cleaner, but maybe too bounded to the current shape (circle).
I started of with an oval effect and began draging around those loose pixels. It's a matter of finding a nice balance between clean geometry and a natural flow.
If Iceman request an update on this logo, I'd certainly discuss this point. Thanks.

About the description. Yes indeed, I find it really annoying to see some people just write '...' in their description. You can always tell something about the design process.
It isn't that much of a secret, is it? :)

Once more, thanks for the feedback!
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I can see the reasoning behind the shadow. I still like it better without, but can see your thought behind it and can respect that. :D

When I was talking about the alignment I was commenting about the text and the main circle shape - unless my eyes deceive me, the circle (and with it the pixel shapes flying away) needs to be moved a bit to the right to align center with the text.

Regardless it is a good logo. I think the graphic stands particularly well on its own. :)
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THank you :)
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great work man! specially loved the custom type! ;)
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Thank you man! :D
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No doubt great work :D
favorite this
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Thanks man! :D
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Amazing work ... loved the colors, concept, Hand made font ...
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Thanks, I'm very glad you like my Iceman logo :)
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another cool 1^^.

my bro has a friend we call iceman lol.
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Haha That's cool! Is his friend iceman into art too? :)
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