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That lil demon who steals candy.
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I am 12% Girly xD
[ ] You own over 10 bottles of nail polish (I think I have 6 now o.o I never wear it though :/) [ ] You own a designer purse [ ] You own perfume that cost over $60 [ ] You had/have fake nails [ ] You have more hair products and body products than you can use [ ] Your pet is a Chihuahua/Pomeranian/Yorkshire Terrier/Siamese/Shih Tzu/ mini anything [ ] you have clothes/shoes/accessories for your pet [ ] You have enough clothes to cover an entire refugee camp [ ] you have enough pictures to create your own wallpaper [x] A pink comforter, carpeting, walls or sheets (sheets xD) Total So Far: 1 Do you: [ ] Spend more time at the mal
OC connections/relationships
I was bored so I thought I`d just do this owo LETS BEGIN: Xenia and Francesca are best friends Evelyn and Xenia are former best friends(they were seperated after they escaped the asylum) Emmelina and Francesca are enemies Lyric and Francesca (although are in different series) were created by the same mad scientist Alice`s "father" was an alchemist and worked at the same asylum Xenia, Evelyn, and Francesca grew up in Sonia and Jinx are actually the same person only Jinx is made up of Sonia`s soul she had as a human mixed with some dark energy while Sonia is left as a zombie Emmelina and Francesca are both ballerinas linking to one of t
ish shiny owo~ and closer to my middle school 8D xD now I can walk there without lil 6th graders screaming on the bus rides :3 I keep getting lost on the way to my room though owo... xD
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:dummy: Hi Sarah. I'm from Aurum Art-seed. And we're up to something devious for you, as a member. Its going to be BIG. And we want you to be a part of it. We've seen you grow in your skill and I'm sure you wouldn't mind sharing a bit of Awesomeness.

So stay tuned to [link] I'll announce it in the next few days.

TRUST ME. This is going to be EPIC!. So Sarah, Are you in or are you OUT?!?! :iconcomeatmeplz:
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chibis: 2 points
lineart and sketches: 5 points
colored headshot: 8 points
colored from knees up: 10 points"

kk dear, you seriously need to charge more, even if you think you need to improve. Your art is awesome and worth more points than that. <3
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xnyumix|Student Digital Artist
derp xD lulz I`ve been thinking of doing that but I keep forgetting to edit my donation pool owo xD durr I should go do that now o3o :3
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xnyumix|Student Digital Artist
merp now I wonder if their too expensive now . w . xD
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Wanna rp Doki?
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