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xnusART volume 3

By xnus-art
Here is the finished mock-up design for the 3rd incarnation of my graphic art & design studio, xnusART.
I did this over the course of 2 nights, I would say something around 6+ hours of working on this, multitasking of course, but 6+ hours none-the-less (technically...yeah).

This actually went through a few colour scheme revisions during the design process itself, but I finally settled on this overall scheme about 1/3 the way through designing it..I think I made the right decisions with the colours.

Overall, I feel this is one of my best webbies ever, a good blend of great colours, great composition, great elements, and great style - which the style itself is something of a pinicle of a few different ideas I have had running through my head...I wanted to use some wood stock, but I did that in SL, so I wanted to do it completely different - making a plank look from different wood stocks. +, give the design a bit more an artsy feel around the edges, a sleek package wrapped in a rough and unique way.

xnusart studio: [link]
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Hi There

I like your work. I need a web designer to design my new project. Could you please contact me at

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AMAZING!!!! I love the textures in the boxes and the paint splats
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remake of factory 4

and then you deny to know about that..

i say shoot the bastard
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wow it locks great, good work
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lol total rip from z1ppy ôô
incredible, really nice =)
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I really like grunge effects. great design ;)
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love this design, it says Rich
Great design, I think its a little bit rude that there are people who kept on dumping on your deviation with images of factory 4. Good work
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This is really nice! Inspiring :)
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Man...this one its a masterpice!
Dont know why isn't a Daily Deviations..XD
the most nice thing its that all blent itself...and make the hole design looks perfect..XD
i don't know if its so rude but can i use this your design like an inspiration for my band web site will looke like...but i wont make identical...even becouse I'm not PRO like you..XD
And iff possible i would like to know about the programing formats that you use...^^'

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the colours and the style are hit very well , cool looks well :)
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i really like how you positioned the elements all over the piece... its nice to find original web designs!

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very nice!! how did u get the code for it?
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Great work, sweet colors, I like it : )
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Awesome design !!
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