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South Park Shimeji - Stan

By xNoWherex
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Ahhhhh, it's Stanley <3
That boy needs some love :3

Warning! He pukes.....XD

Craig [link]
Kenny [link]
Zombie!Kenny [link]
Mysterion [link]


Shimeji are little mascots things that run/multiply/climb on your desktop.


Right clicking the Stan icon at the bottom of the screen by the time and volume icons brings up a menu in Japanese, since the program is originally Japanese.

The menu is basically:

1. Create a new Shimeji
2. Have the Shimeji come run to your mouse
3. Delete all but one
4. Return any IE screens the Shimeji may have thrown off
5. Exit


***FYI, Shimeji sadly can only be run on windows. So, sorry to all you Mac folks.***

South Park (c) Trey Parker and Matt Stone
© 2011 - 2021 xNoWherex
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rachelrocks168's avatar
Can you do one with Butters?
foxylover1235's avatar
Can you do one for phones? So I can take him everywhere  I go?
KikkoasKikko's avatar
Please make Unhodded Kenny as a Shimeji
RDLdoesRoblox's avatar
XoXo-SaRaH-XoXo's avatar
omg you gotta do a kyle one ; o ;
Sweek-Lawliet's avatar
I LOVE so cute *-*
xxTouchmykeybladexx's avatar
Are you gonna make a kyle one? :C These are way to cute!
GigaG11's avatar
Will you make any more?
sbfan101909's avatar
Can you please make Kyle and Cartman?
Koko-Kat's avatar
It's silly, but having little Stans on my computer screen make living life day-by-day a little easier.
katielynn990's avatar
OMG I LOVE THEM! I love south park so ita sooo fun to see kenny and stan run around X3
kerbubbles's avatar
i love your shimejis. you should make some couple ones
How do I make it work? <_<; Like, I'm on Windows, annnd, I download, but it brings up the "windows cannot open this file; windows needs to know what program you want to run it on" So, what program do I need? Because this would be so badass.
sympatheticghost's avatar
You need winrar to extract the files. :3 They are working fine for me.
AuxiliatrixDisciples's avatar
You should do Wendy or at least 1 South Park girl.
Niinkikashu's avatar
you should totally make a tweek one.
just putting that out there.
xNoWherex's avatar
Haha, there will be a Tweek. Like three other people asked me to make him, so I totally will :D
Niinkikashu's avatar
they multiply.
:C I mean, I love them but I leave my computer on every night and when I wake up in the morning to check messages they're spammed all over the screen.
and I'm like
emo-riku101's avatar
they do that, you should check my screenshots, one time I left like ten of them alone for two hours...almost had to restart my computer
Niinkikashu's avatar
oh god lol
I know that feel bro.
renkotsuki's avatar
Great! :heart: I always wanted a SP shimeji!!! :love:
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