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South Park Shimeji - Mysterion


Mysterion finally!
I spent forever on him. Not only is his character design more complicated, but because of the question mark on his head and his cape, I had to actually go in and edit his code (which is largely in Japanese) to change dimensions.

Good news is that now I can make a Tweek that actually twitches instead of being so static! I can't wait to make him :D

Stan [link]
Craig [link]
Kenny [link]
Zombie!Kenny [link]


Shimeji are little mascots things that run/multiply/climb on your desktop.


Right clicking the Stan icon at the bottom of the screen by the time and volume icons brings up a menu in Japanese, since the program is originally Japanese.

The menu is basically:

1. Create a new Shimeji
2. Have the Shimeji come run to your mouse
3. Delete all but one
4. Return any IE screens the Shimeji may have thrown off
5. Exit


***FYI, Shimeji sadly can only be run on windows. So, sorry to all you Mac folks.***

South Park (c) Trey Parker and Matt Stone
© 2012 - 2021 xNoWherex
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so precious ;A; 
Is there any chance you'll be making Kyle?
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Make Princess Kenny
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Where exactly is the download file? You should put it in the description.
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Please, make Karen McCormick.
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these are fantastic!
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Woohee! Oh godwait you made this in 2014 nvm
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Omg this one is acually very good! Good job. ^_^
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please when is tweek gonna happen 
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is it free because I just got this laptop today for christmas
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Y U NO WORK?!y u no It keeps saying something in Japanese about only being able to run with java version 6 or something! :( I updated java about 12 times and it still doesn't work :'(
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Click on the shimeji JAR file ( if you are on win 8.1 or just 8 Click open with java with the same JAR file )
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No, I mean the site won't let me download anything! I've used the password thing and it just is not working
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Oops this was the wrong shimeji, sorry. This one worked perfectly and I am 100000% satisfied with it! I seriously facedesked because just after I posted it, I realized it was the wrong shimeji I posted it on xD But this was the first ever shimeji I downloaded, and it worked! :) ((PS: My username used to be Mysterion-Rules, so I guess you could tell why this was my first shimeji XD)) If you're ever going to make another shimeji, can you make Tweek please? (Lol you can also guess with my new username too xDD)
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I didn't make this, I just wanted to help XD
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By any chance do you have any ZIP downloads? For any of you're shimejis? There so cute but my computer wont take RAR files T^T
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Some of the key files don't copy when I save them in ZIPs, that's why I had to start saving them as RARs. Have you ever tried to use WinRAR? It opens ZIPs, RARs, etc. It's the program I use to open stuff.
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OMG THIS IS EPIC!!! I didn't even know this was possible especially on a bad computer like mine :D I LOVE this! :+favlove:
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OMG I MUST SWITCH COMPUTERS TO USE IT XD (Since I'm on my Mac right now--)
I cant download it because whenever i try it says i need to download java 6 (which i have) yet every time i try to run Shimeji.exe it says that. Any suggestions?
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do you have a zip file version? or is it just an rar?
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