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South Park Shimeji - Kenny

By xNoWherex
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A little Kenny just for all of you~
He isn't perfect, not gonna lie. He's more or less a base/tester for my future SP Shimeji. But he works and he's fun. And hopefully he works for you.

Craig [link]
Zombie!Kenny [link]
Stan [link]
Mysterion [link]

Shimeji are little mascots things that run/multiply/climb on your desktop.


Right clicking the Kenny icon at the bottom of the screen by the time and volume icons brings up a menu in Japanese, since the program is originally Japanese.

The menu is basically:

1. Create a new Shimeji
2. Have the Shimeji come run to your mouse
3. Delete all but one
4. Return any IE screens the Shimeji may have thrown off
5. Exit


***FYI, Shimeji sadly can only be run on windows. So, sorry to all you Mac folks.***

South Park (c) Trey Parker and Matt Stone
© 2011 - 2021 xNoWherex
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it don't work UwU [*]
NylhsaTheDemon's avatar
how do i download this into a zip file so i can use it
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Can you send me a png version? I can't download this 
jesuswuzagangsta's avatar
what program do you use
1-1-2-1's avatar
Hey, i was going to ask if you were going to do a Cartman.
But then i realized. He's to fat to fit in the frame!! XDDDDD

No really, these are awesome, i dl'd.
I-Love-Tweek's avatar
So hilarious! XDDDDDD
1-1-2-1's avatar
Indeed. XDDD
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do you have a .ZIP file for it?
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there's no kyle? ;A;
silverlunawolf6's avatar
EEE~ He's adorable! Gonna download your Mysterion and Craig as well. :3
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I'd do it, but what I hear from everyone else about an error, I'm just gonna leave it for a while...
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They are talking about this theres two shimeji icons, well don't use the one with the computer thing, what i do to make it easy is make a new folder on my desktop pull up the rar file and the new folder file and drag the folder that says kenny into the new folder,now its easy you don't need the rar file anymore to go ahead and x out of it. then in the new folder click into the folder that says kenny , then click where you see a java sign. wait a couple minutes and he's there :3 PS. make sure you exit them all out by left clicking them because if you leave them alone fo to long they will multiply to much and your computer will shut down. but otherwise your computer is safe :3 i hope i helped.
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you seem to know how to use these...
and i need a little help ^^;
i downloaded the newest Java twice but when i tried to open the file, it kept saying that i need to update Java
do you know what happened?
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well first i need some info, cuz it all depends on what programs you have and what you computer type is these questions you have to answer so i'll be able to help you X3

Pc or Mac?

Winrar,7-zip,or regular computer fileing system?

thats all i need to know then i can help you though i prefer you have all three fileing systems they come in handy for anything :meow:
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i have PC and i have downloaded both Winrar and 7zip and ALzip
tamarirulesgaarashot's avatar
ok. first you make a new folder on your labtop screen, open the winrar file and simply drag everything from the winrar file to the regular new folder, if this does not work on winrar theres something that says extract on the winrar file use that to extract the files into the new folder.  then exit the winrar file and keep the new folder up and click the one that says shimeji and has a computer icon  it will ask  you to extract. when this happenends extract to desktop once again now you use the ne new floder you just extracted and click the shimeji computer thing and he should be there if not try the java one! sometimes they get mixed up.

but anyway make sure you follow every step or it won't work. and don't leave them alone for to long he will multiply to much and crash you computer ( not for good though more like shut down for a minute ) so i hoped i helped >.< this was a mouth full. have any question just ask me. X_X
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do you have java? is your computer Mac or PC? if mac then sorry idk how to help you........... if PC do you have java? sorry i can try to help just tell me whats the problem better yet tell me what you did. i can help i think
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Pc and yes because i have one of those free Minecraft downloads. I opened a folder(2, one for Kenny and one for Mysterion), put Kenny in one folder, Mysterion in the other, then when I opened the folder, there wasn't a java thing so I tried anyway and it just opened in IE and almost immediately closed back out and opened some thing saying [open] [save]V].
tamarirulesgaarashot's avatar
ok well your supposed to do one at a time... if you did i think i know what happenend. ya see first thing you click is the shimeji the one with out java ( omg i left that out didn't i o.o sorry!!!) it will tell you to EXTRACT the files click yes but YOU HAVE TO EXTRACT THEM TO DESKTOP NOT DOCUMENTS! XD  then you go to the extracted version then a java sign should be there :) click it and thats all i had to do. any more questions just ask X)
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yea i never really use rar or 7-zip that much i used the windows files found on you cumputer called " file explorer " you click the computer thing and it will say extract? then extract it to desktop
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I will try that now.
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