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South Park Shimeji - Craig

By xNoWherex
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A little Craig just waiting to flip you off :D

Kenny [link]
Zombie!Kenny [link]
Stan [link]
Mysterion [link]

Shimeji are little mascots things that run/multiply/climb on your desktop.


Right clicking the Craig icon at the bottom of the screen by the time and volume icons brings up a menu in Japanese, since the program is originally Japanese.

The menu is basically:

1. Create a new Shimeji
2. Have the Shimeji come run to your mouse
3. Delete all but one
4. Return any IE screens the Shimeji may have thrown off
5. Exit


***FYI, Shimeji sadly can only be run on windows. So, sorry to all you Mac folks.***

South Park (c) Trey Parker and Matt Stone
© 2011 - 2021 xNoWherex
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bless this so much

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its 2020 and i still use this shimeji, i love him so much-

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boi be using his hat as a parachute! this is the highlight of my day
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Hey guys, if you need to get .rar to .zip, go here
I swear it helps.
LoveMySockhead12's avatar
hah, it works and is absolutely necessary 

**00000000holy shit they multiply
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that's my best friend
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the shimejis wont show qwq 
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oml plz mke more i adore these
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if i could use it i would
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HEY! With java did you use for create your shimeji? Can you give me a link for download it?
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I can't seem to get it to work. Same for the other ones
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They did it. I am so happy.
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MYBRAIN.exe has stopped working_
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Can you make one of Tweek? <3
MadiCartman2003's avatar
are you sure its working
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You should make one of Pete, and Mike <3
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Um, I tried downloading it but I said I needed Java or something, and I downloaded it but it didn't work.
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same here man it wont let me open it even when i downloaded java
Xx-ThatJacqueline-xX's avatar
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Oh my goodness this is too cute <3
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